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Malham Cove - late summer (September 08)

Malham Cove - late summer (September 08)
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I began the walk at Malham, about an hour from Harrogate. I went through Janet's Foss woodland, which has a waterfall with an invisible cave behind its screen. Then I walked through Gordale scar, a huge 50m gorge with a difficult 10m rockface to climb, followed by a walk across a plateau at about 450m, with views across to Pendle Hill and the higher peaks (about 700m). I walked to Malham Tarn, a natural lake at 380m, followed by a walk down a perfect U-shaped valley to reach the cove with its limestone pavement on top, one of the finest in the world. Malham Cove is a 100m cliff - spectacular. This walk takes in some of the finest limestone scenery to be found, and certainly the best in the UK


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