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  2. Evening All, thought I would pop in to see whats happening. Currently near Cadiz watching an amazing electrical storm, proper strobe stuff
  3. European Storm & Convective Discussion

    https://www.kielmonitor.de/webcam/livespotting/ Some decent lightning here from Amsterdam
  4. Did you know.

    Idont ring people ,just Eeeemail ,lol
  5. Did you know.

    What a waste of time that was!
  6. I know this is not this country, but these storms have came from the same air mass we were in, this is just across the North Sea, some decent flashes of lightning on there. https://www.kielmonitor.de/webcam/livespotting/
  7. Did you know.

    And it's still a state secret...
  8. Did you know.

  9. Did you know.

    118. 118 .....
  10. Did you know.

    Come on, peeps - I only need an answer!
  11. Have anyone taken or have seen any pictures regarding today’s storm (supercell) over parts of East Anglia today, would be interesting to see the structure of that thing as it developed into a supercell?
  12. The cooling trend continued today with a maximum of 15C reached briefly in the mid afternoon accompanied by a cool light to moderate SW wind. Generally cloudy until this evening when the skies cleared. Dry here all day going by the gauge but there was a heavy shower of rain in Aberdeen at lunchtime that lasted 20mins or so. Didn't have to wait long after all for the first House Martin, the first one of the year turned up in the sky above the house this afternoon which is a week earlier than last year.
  13. Isn't he doing the same thing? Too much mob mentality on here. Go against the crowd and you'll pay for it.
  14. Did you know.

    Does anyone know what the number for Directory Enquiries is ...192 disnae work any more!
  15. Today
  16. Did you know.

    Did you know I had the same problem with my friend Simon Templar ,very camp too ,lol
  17. Did you know.

    Just tried to get through to my best friend from school (Malcolm Knight) and got reams of corporate bullshyte...What a bunch of wonkers!
  18. Did you know.

    just seen a UFGunidentified flying goatject
  19. A strange day,mild overnight with a thunderstorm and warm,sunny start to the day.Then a spell of light rain until midday,a dry and mainly cloudy remainder but also much cooler afternoon.Max 20 deg around 0900,yet only 12 deg in the afternoon,min overnight 13 deg
  20. Yeah, shocking - people look for weather that they want. I would never have expected that on here.
  21. Northwest England regional thread 3 /3 onwards

    Yes. We were forecasted mega storms of petulance and torrential of torrentialness. Didnt happen.
  22. Evening All! An Amazing Winter followed By an Amazing Spring....Really could not make it up , After a very long winter we get summer in just 24 hrs. Forecasting thunderstorms in this country is about as difficult as how much snow you will get in your back garden in winter!, ,,,A Spectacular display of lightning last night , hoping its just the start of something really special
  23. For my part of the world, May is the sunniest month of the year. Not sure if early May tends to be more unsettled but May as a whole is generally quite settled. June is more unsettled on average - return of the westerlies and all that. Next week is looking rather normal for the time of year - can't complain too much. At least it looks (largely) dry and reasonably sunny. After next week is where my concern lies - this spring has already been exceptionally wet so the last thing we need is more excessive rainfall.
  24. Premier League Discussion

    Our form has dropped off a bit over the last couple of games but we’ve been struggling with injuries for months and the size of the squad has probably caught up with us. but another win should get us over the line and cap an amazing season. no doubt we’ll still be bookies favourites for the drop next season though.
  25. SE and East Anglia general weather discussion 26/03/2018 onwards

    A really nice weekend for most with just a few thundery downpours scattered around last night and a few this afternoon. It does look cooler this comng week with some rain at times. Things look a little uncertain from next weekend onwards as we see a trough form near the UK, it could end up cool and wet but it only requires low pressure to be a little further west and we could end up with something drier and warmer, even a cyclonic southerly wouldn't be too bad. Probably the worst outcomes are either low pressure parked over the UK or directly south with a dull easterly setting up.
  26. And temperatures not higher than Southern European capitals on a dull day
  27. Premier League Discussion

    Also good to see carrying on playing after you reach 40pts.
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