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  2. Saturday 20th January 2018 Clear spells overnight, widespread frost. Turning cloudy through the early hours with a little light sleet and freezing rain. This morning so far, overcast, light freezing rain and sleet, icy in places underfoot. Maximum temperature to 18:00 GMT yesterday 5.3∞C. Minimum temperature overnight -1.0∞C 24-hour maximum 5.3∞C 24-hour minimum -1.0∞C Minimum temperature on grass -4.5c Maximum wind gust: (Midnight to Midnight) 20.9 mph WSW Rainfall total: 0.4mm Conditions at 09:00 GMT 8 Oktas Altostratus. Visibility 2 miles. Temperature: 1.1∞C Humidity: 98.1% Dew point 0.8∞C Wind Direction: E Force 2 Barometer 998.3mb: Trend: falling. January 2018 so far: Mean temperature: 4.1c (-0.1c) (of local average 1992-2014) Maximum temperature: 9.6c on the 4th. Minimum temperature: -1.8c on the 6th Grass Minimum: -4.9c on the 7th. Rainfall 39.5mm Wettest 24 hours = 6.3mm on the 17th Maximum wind gust: 44.9mph W the 18th. 2018 so far: Maximum temperature: 9.6c on the 4th Jan. Minimum temperature: -1.8 on the 6th Jan. Grass Minimum: -4.9c on the 7th Jan. Rainfall 30.7mm Wettest 24 hours = 5.6m on the 2nd Jan. Maximum wind gust: 44.9 mph W on the 18th Jan.
  3. WRF/NMM view of tomorrow.. Arome still rolling out the 06z and Euro 4 to follow.
  4. It’s the differential that promotes the strong jet so a warm esb and a cold Greenland area will still promote a strong jet upstream of us.
  5. Raining lightly with a milky sun trying to break through thinning cloud cover.
  6. Just arrived in Oldham town centre (200m asl) and even here it's only sleet.
  7. It’s sleeting here, if we get the heavier bulk of PPN it’ll probably snow, shame it’s so light! theres always something working against us here!
  8. Snowing for over an hour and its not really settling.... except in existing cover
  9. Yes it's odd isn't it! However, another complete bust for the forecast, was supposed to be a lovely day today according to look north. If it doesn't snow with this then I'm not sure about tomoz, uppers are colder today then with tomorrow's front?
  10. The Midlands Regional Weather Discussion 19/01/2018 Onwards

    Interesting to watch it develop today. A 'hole' has opened here as well. I can see the sun through veiled cloud. which are moving quite rapidly from the ESE. (against the movement of the higher clouds) All the while any precipitation is turning more and more to snow. (even though lighter now). It must mean that a low is forming to our south west and dragging in the colder air to the east. May not mean much for today. But could help for tomorrow. MIA
  11. I just wished that low last Tuesday were 100 miles further south.
  12. Well it’s snowing here in Glyn Ceiriog, near Llangollen and we are not 300m asl.
  13. Light snow is turning moderate now here. Temp still hovering around 0.8c
  14. Looking ahead into tonight, the band of rain approaching from the west will likely bring a transient spell of sleet and snow for much of the Midlands. A slushy cm or so can be expected quite widely by mid-morning, with 2-3cm possible above 300m. Reverting to rain by lunchtime.
  15. The location of the band is about 100 miles north than was shown on the BBC forecast at 9 last night
  16. 4c rain. All absolutely as forecast. At no point was anything else for my area (Gatwick) forecast. This truly has thus far been the epic winter of cold rain.
  17. Oh yes! Now if that happens without a strong jet barrelling the lows across us maybe just maybe we could start the building blocks for a cold February here in the south with hopefully a dusting of snow at the very least
  18. The snow has been coming down heavy now for about half an hour, in Oswestry Shropshire. Starting to settle but very wet under from the rain.
  19. Snow here, good size flakes too
  20. Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    Still sleety muck at lower levels
  21. Precipitation not that intense now but turning more to snow.
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