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  2. Sunny with blue skies after a low of 2.8°C last night. Currently 4.7°C but feels cold in the wind
  3. That gfs 06z is the coldest run I've ever seen at surface level. Temperatures sub - 3 in London for a week
  4. I am unable to access link, please can you send me a direct link, thank you.
  5. What the Gfs givith the control well best leave that were it is
  6. I’d take this 06z run from gfs any day....34cm yes please...
  7. If it comes off who cares!
  8. Not often we see heavy snow arrive from the west, stay as snow throughout the whole period and then keep on the ground with more snow and no melting until the end of the run. Who's knocking the GFS now LOL. Probably just, perhaps, maybe, I would bank this run.....
  9. We're British we will survive LOL. I dont for one minute think it will pan out like 6z but i guess it shows what is possible..
  10. Earlier on in the morning at 8.15 am, there was a heavy shower of rain (but it sounded more like hail). It could have been ice rain.
  11. If anything like that came off you could say good-bye to any chance tens of thousands of schools, and hundreds of thousands if not millions of business premises opening their doors. Shame it's the realm of fantasy.
  12. Snow free zone

    North West Regional thread 01/09/18 Onwards......

    Really not much to get excited about as far as snow is concerned for this part of the NW (as usual) .... as soon as the post count in the MO thread picks up I don't even need to check that the so called beast from the east is back on the agenda and the usual "everyone will see a dumping from this" etc etc etc ..... you have to laugh. Before i go back into my snowless hole .... it is a really cracking day here the endless grey murk has been replaced by clear blue skies and low temps, a refreshing change.
  13. What an absolute STONKER of a run, that was! And a fantastic finale, too...And, assuming it comes-off anything like that, a fabulous coup, for the teleconnections/long-term signals guys!
  14. Own up.... who let the models be programmed by the Daily Express!
  15. Very doubtful we'll see anything like that 06z run which to be honest was better than any Xmas TV to watch...even a slightly watered down version will do.
  16. Light Without Heat

    Yorkshire & E England Regional Weather Discussion

    Its a start but its good to see that it is actually snow coming through even at low levels and not sleet and kak
  17. Clear Blue skies and sunny here Doesn't look at all wintery through the window! I want to move haha
  18. Weather Warning out now for the East Coast -
  19. If we do get snow early next week, it should stick around as we start to get colder and colder but mainly dry at this stage.
  20. Moderate snow showers here blowing in a strong gusty wind blooming raw. And thats putting it politely lol
  21. One more post from me That run contains 6 (Six) lows that disrupt and slide either over the UK or just to the West from start to finish
  22. Might aswell live in the arctic lol!!that is frost bite cold quite literally!!if this gfs run comes to reality then expect school and businesses to be shut for days!
  23. It is very sunny today. It began approximately 9:30 am. The clouds have been gradually dissipating and the sky is 95% clear. There is a beautiful blue sky now at 10:44.
  24. The model thread has been took over again i wonder why
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