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  2. Although this winter hasn’t delivered in more UK wide terms it’s been different in that the really horrid looking charts in terms of mild mush have been short lived . So good to see the ECM reading the script with the Azores high heading ne. We are seeing more evidence of a bit more amplitude upstream, so whilst it’s hard to see the Russian high directly influencing things enough upstream amplitude could help kick the Azores high further ne with a better jet cut back into UK.
  3. Model Moans, Ramps and Banter

    What's with the silly letters Mark? your choice or default? quite a few members have them!
  4. An explanation of 2017 global temperatures http://www.columbia.edu/~jeh1/mailings/2018/20180118_Temperature2017.pdf
  5. Yeah, unfortunately hard to see anything making it over.
  6. I hope your right. Thanks for including me. Street actually got ploughed today. We've had some snizzle already so fingers crossed.
  7. Roll on Autumn....this Winter is just proving how crap our weather is,really looking forward to the summer months now...not.
  8. EFL Cup And The Emirates FA Cup Discussion

    What massive celebrations. By the way, pride comes before a fall.
  9. Yeah, I think I did much better with the Central Belt than to the north or south, not surprising I suppose as I’m more familiar with the geography. It’s really tricky in showery set ups because if banding sets up one area gets pummelled while just down the road misses out. Anyway it’s just a laugh and adds a bit of interest for me tomorrow since I won’t have any snow of my own! @Stormeh I think the heavier showers will get going after Midnight?
  10. Interesting @Hawesy Thanks for putting the time in! 15cm more on top of what was 33cm (now 7cm down to 24cm thanks to a wee thaw) is upsetting me. Getting cabin fever!!
  11. Need to get some cold air in first if we're going to benefit from any surprise snow on Saturday.
  12. 3.2 degrees. DP at -0.1. Automated forecast looks wrong but we'll see.
  13. Me, zilch. I'm quite pleased that the SE "grumpies" protect from WNW incoming blows.
  14. Should the Met Office have named last night’s storm?
  15. Several inches and hammering down
  16. You said 6cm for me last time and I got 6 inches so if your scale is similarly wrong again I'll get 2 inches. I don't deserve any after Tuesday night although the sad truth is that despite all the snow at my house in recent times I've been at work in a building with hardly any windows every time it's snowed.
  17. Showers are restricted to South Donegal for some reason.
  18. Can see the line of anvils, slight drift eastwards.
  19. like a guy i spoke to today where have the days gone of deep deep drifting snnow that happenef so much. the climate hasnt changed that dramatically!!
  20. so sad when it goes quiet on here
  21. I noticed the sky earlier this evening but couldn’t get s picture of it. Looked very strange with those dark orange colours.
  22. Just had an hour of steady wet snow here.It hasn't settled but was nice to watch anyhow!.
  23. Amazes me that when we have a cold Flow from the North West, with the showers packing in, and the air is cold enough to produce snow, the showers never seem to make it across to our area. But then as soon as the air warms slightly which means all showers will be of rain, hey presto, every shower makes it across to East Anglia 😡
  24. Was snowing a good bit this afternoon in Antrim. Got a pic of these ducks chilling.
  25. Maybe not that quickly there’s the chance also the cold air might be less inclined to to shift meaning it stays as snow for longer some south / western areas will probably see all rain a few hours of snowfall possible quite extensively in N/E IMO. I’d take ECM’s inch that’s winter wonderland down here. I have everything crossed I’m expecting nothing but rain but I have a faint hope it will be different !
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