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  2. Well done Burnley. at the 17th attempt we've finally won on the road and hopefully secured the points needed for survival. one more away game and two at home should give us at least a couple of points to take us over 40 and a place where we could only dream about back in August.
  3. What are you weighing atm? Bf % (In other words, why are you cutting?) Hips should be just lower than shoulders. Having hips too low is a common fault and will lead to your back rounding. 'Some' back rounding is ok, kinda depends. Send me a vid if you want, I know knowledgable people and can send the vid to them. Pendlay's are great, feel the stretch in your hamstrings. The lift should be explosive. My progress is zero, hence no posting. Golfer's elbow in both arms so cannot lift. Keep re-aggrivating it so on a ban from lifting (imposed by myself on myself). Stupidly locked my legs out on some calf raises (using leg press) a couple months back and medial knee pain is back (caused by **** squat form originally). Work shoes keep aggivating it but changed my shoes so should be good going forwards. So cannot train legs. Therefore cannot train at all, never been worse. But i'll recover and sickening gains will be mine. I'll chase you down Snowy L
  4. Time to turn up the music and open up the Bacardi because I need to warm up before heading to town!

    1. lassie23


      just avoid manchester and you'll be fine:oops:

  5. Not a bad day, mainly cloudy but with a bit of warm sunshine at times and more importantly, dry throughout. at least the summer house painting project is completed now.
  6. Yep but it makes my guilded electric gates look good
  7. even in Cumbria, the nice bit?
  8. It's been a while, how's everyone getting on? I finish my bulk tomorrow, I've enjoyed the strength gains, but can't wait to be eating less lol. Been eating 3,300 calories these last few weeks. Fairly happy with my lifts but it's taken me a while to get the deadlift form right, I would always curve my back on the way down, pretty much sorted it now though. @SW Saltire I started pendlay row and it's great for assisting squat and deadlift thanks.
  9. Expecting nothing here but drizzle and the odd mizzle..
  10. The usual summer for London, comfortable start followed by none stop humidity from July through to mid September.
  11. If you like cool and cloudy north sea filth, the Ecm 12z will take you to nirvana..but for the rest of us it looks miserable and chilly..even colder towards the end. The far west / northwest should do well for sunshine though.
  12. Pretty pleased with this forecast from 6 days ago, lets see how the corrections go.
  13. Hi Sardonixs. Thanks for the reply. The 'swirl' this morning was fascinating watching it develop and then fade on the 15 min sequence satellite image. Oh well, no real explanation, so we'll put it down to wind eddies off the Welsh mountains. And may I offer you a very big welcome to the forum! Hope to see you posting again soon!
  14. When dance music was good
  15. I fear the worst from the ECM Retrogression with no boundary
  16. If it was winter I'm sure something would scupper it knowing our luck..and charge you're phone Steve it's only on 29 percent.
  17. I have won £450 twice on the lotto hotpicks (3 numbers) a few years ago. But my biggest win not lotto related was £210,000 on skyvegas.
  18. I watch Eurosport over BBC. Selby v Higgins. I hope Selby wins, I have never been a John Higgins fan.
  19. John Higgins v Mark Selby in the final
  20. went to KFC
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  22. You don't half talk some rubbish.
  23. Does anyone have any idea why the BBC for 2 nights running said the temperatures were on the rise and did a graphic to show. when 3/4 days ago it was pretty obvious it wasn't going to be the case.Now. their outlook as gone for average to just below.. How can they get it so wrong?? dishonest or just incapable??
  24. Dry and cloudy until around 4pm when the cloud gave way to sunny spells Temp 13.7c Max Temp 15.7c Min Temp 7.8c
  25. Chomping on your nuts larry
  26. did you know that a squirrel is standing on a pot eating a walnut, in my garden
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