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  2. Possibly we'll see a repeat of June where it started out cool and partly wet but gradually warmed up half way through the month
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  4. Are the models latching on again to a warm/hot spell?,this wasn't showing recently i do remember the last hot spell that the models wasn't forecasting it until nearer the time latest from NOAA anomoly's 6-10 and 8-14,hp influencial to the NE into Scandi that Knocker (i think) was refering to previously,whether we got a warm/hot SE from there we would have to wait and see
  5. Estofex not showing anything for uk tomorrow. Looks like next chance will be Friday afternoon.
  6. As long as it doesn't last too long and ends in a proper thundery breakdown.
  7. Thank heavens those 15C temps in winter are about as common as 30C in the summer. I'd imagine this setup in winter would be ushering in excitement of evaporative cooling and daytime temps between 0-5C.
  8. Hahaha I know all about fridge breakdowns! Oh and nothing left on the pop shelves!
  9. Hopefully the next couple of runs will follow the same pattern
  10. Looks like the 18z wants to bring back the heat for a short time at the end of next week
  11. It's gone past Basel now,trying to find one in Mulhouse NW of basel but not having any succes lol.
  12. A throughly wet day still coming down we sure are not on course for a rainfall deficit this month.
  13. I'm a supermarket manager , so when snow is forecast it fills me with excitement but then dread , I want copious amounts of snow but then realise Its me that's snookered if we do get pasted . In the heat it seems a win , win situation at least at first but it becomes very difficult within time . Fridge breakdowns , demands over stretching system capabilities etc .
  14. Hope it does get downgraded and we can get some more warm weather.
  15. Yeah - saw that and wondered whether it was a radar anomaly or not. Surely there's gonna be a lot of rainfall there
  16. People moan whatever the weather , I saw lots of happy people in London , although on the trains is a totally different story . Not nice , not nice at all . But a punishment that's worth it .
  17. That was the year I had to hike for the shopping on foot because lo and behold; the transport network was crippled with knee-deep snow. Won't want to do that again! 6-10c in the winter is ideal; cold but just warm enough to melt ice. A lot of old people are uneasy on it with walking sticks etc.
  18. Like I said, the feeling is subjective. The Met Office only have official definitions because they have to draw the line somewhere - but that line will always be arbitrary. Personally I'd call 30C+ hot but not stupidly hot. You're entitled to think otherwise, but that doesn't mean you should use your own personal experience of the weather to assume how others live. It's like people in winter who assume you never need to leave the house if you like snow.
  19. Fair enough. I just know I was quite poorly after struggling through a 9 hour shift on the Monday last week. Completely drained. The weather can do as it pleases, for all I care, when I'm off work though.
  20. Hot relative to the UK average, not in absolute terms. A lot of people won't find 30C hot. Everyone on here has anecdotes to support what they're saying. Quite frankly it is very tiresome.
  21. Quite a lot of flashing on the Swiss cam though
  22. Also, I work in customer service...the amount of glum faces I saw during the spell last week was telling. My dad noticed the same thing. So many people were complaining about the heat.
  23. Fair enough, I love the cold too I really loved the spell in 2010 when it felt like the cold was attacking your face when you walked outside . I know that's more dangerous and really understand when people say why they don't want that but I like a coldie fix more than heat . I'm not saying I would like to experience brutal cold I think one or two have mentioned before they would . -5 days would be sufficient in an ideal word with snow of course , yes I'm a bit of a nutter .
  24. Same here, humidity was generally rather low with the heat so it wasn't too uncomfortable. Often we get high humidity here in summer which isn't so pleasant when it's hot (but nice when cooler). Was a bit hot in the bedroom/upstairs but I slept fine with a fan on and the window wide open. There might be some heat indicated in some model runs but it usually gets downgraded, so no point worrying about it just yet. I will welcome it of course. The rain today has also been very welcome, felt fresh and will give everything a needed drink.
  25. Ohhh, do they still have the severe thunderstorms forecast for tomorrow across Italy?
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