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  2. I'd maybe clear the data/cache in safari or whichever browser you're using to see if that solves it.
  3. PJB over on UKWeatherWorld has posted a good explanation of what to possibly expect next week: "Good indications now for a surface & upper pattern to become established over NW Europe which would favour the development of Thunderstorms from Sunday through to Mid Week. A broad upper trough is likely to become quite slow moving to the west of the continent with a plume of very high 850mb temperatures to move north from Spain and France, Aloft however there will be areas of steeper or cooler mid level temperatures and 300-600mb shortwaves moving NE on the ascending side of the trough. At the surface High temperatures and areas of high Theta-w at 850mb are likely to be located in the South and SE for much of the period. Areas of elevated confluence and destabilisation are likely to take place during the period and i suspect quite difficult to forecast much more than 24 hrs ahead. Forecasting this will be quite tricky 1. How much moisture there is and how dry the lower layers get, models can at times in the 4-5 day range over do the model precipitation. 2. ECMWF has tended to overdo CAPE values and the development of Thunderstorms in the previous model cycle. Will be interesting to see how this new model cycle performs in the next few days given its had enhancements to the models CAPE and convection processes. 3. GFS has trended west with the development of a more active thundery plume development during mid week as a more robust shortwave moves north and pressure falls at the surface over N France and English Channel. Movement and development of such shortwave detail is prone to sig forecast errors at this range 4. Potential is there for some intense thunderstorms to develop over NW Europe with development of a Mid level wind max over parts of Central & Southern Parts early next week and considerable directional and speed sheer aloft 5. day to day variations in the models are likely with precipitation being developed in the model widely over differing locations inter model and intra model." Source: http://www.ukweatherworld.co.uk/forum/index.php?/topic/124384-convective-chat-august-2020/page__st__15
  4. Hi Paul, You've started a new thread (model) but my iPad is stating to me that it’s restricted, any ideas ?
  5. I love the heat but think this may be a bit unbearable for some particularly with night temps staying so warm, by the looks of things mid thirties may last most of next week and even a chance it may go higher, fascinating times, the 2003 heatwave I wasn’t looking at models then so I don’t think I’ve seen charts like this before
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    smoking organic carrots
  7. I have to say it does seem like the new GFS upgrade has a much better handle on the surface maxes compared with the current operational run. As you say, Friday and Saturday are pretty outrageous with fairly widespread 34-36c in the SE on both days. Sunday also gets a 35!
  8. Afternoon all, I hope yourself and your Families, are all well and Virus free. Below, are the Racing Post links to the Declarations for Saturdays' 7 Competition Races. Select 1 Horse in each Race. Your Selections for Saturdays' 7 Competition Races, MUST be Posted on this thread, by NOON Sat.8th August. Please Copy/Paste your Selections, into the Boxes, provided below. Thank you. LATE SUMMER/EARLY AUTUMN HORSE RACING COMPETITION Sat.8th Aug. ASCOT https://www.racingpost.com/racecards/2/ascot/2020-08-08/762705/ 1.50 - Selection - https://www.racingpost.com/racecards/2/ascot/2020-08-08/762707 2.25 - Selection - https://www.racingpost.com/racecards/2/ascot/2020-08-08/762703 3.00 - Selection - https://www.racingpost.com/racecards/2/ascot/2020-08-08/762704 3.35 - Selection - HAYDOCK https://www.racingpost.com/racecards/23/haydock/2020-08-08/764008/ 2.05 - Selection - https://www.racingpost.com/racecards/23/haydock/2020-08-08/764007 2.40 - Selection - NEWMARKET https://www.racingpost.com/racecards/174/newmarket-july/2020-08-08/764009/ 3.20 - Selection - Later Today, I will Post up details of Additional Category 1, and news of a new Entrant. Regards, Tom.
  9. Quite interesting - tomorrow and Saturday is on for 35C+ (current model runs) Sunday TBC!
  10. I posted a tweet earlier and it went something like in 1976 Heathrow saw 16 consecutive days above 31C, although only managed 6 on the trot above 32C and 4 above 33C. Southampton managed 3 days above 34C, the only other time I believe the same location has record 3 days above 34c in the UK is Heathrow in Aug 1990. The longest run of 32C/90f days I could find from 76 was actually in Bournemouth and 7 days. Someone else maybe able to beat these if they look closely. So looking at the above 3 max's at or above 34C in the same location seems the limit of the extreme heat and longevity combination in the UK......to date......
  11. Already 29.4C and climbing fast. I would say that low to mid 30's is definitely on the cards today. I'm on the side of the North Downs (Guildford) and can see Heathrow so expect the run of 30+ days to start from today
  12. 09z ICON showing a max of 35c as well for tomorrow, which is a slight upping from the earlier 06z run. clark3r, where are you seeing the GFSp?
  13. July 2006 didn’t see a sustained 32c/90f spell, but at Heathrow there was a sustained 30c+ spell. 6 consecutive days between the 16th and 21st, and then after a couple of days of slightly cooler temps we had another 4 consecutive days at 30c+: July 2018 at Heathrow had 14 out of the 31 days in the month at 30c+. Two spells of 5 consecutive days: 2018 also had a further 4 days at 30c+ at the start of August: I think if we were to get several consecutive days into the mid 30s that would be pretty exceptional.
  14. Gfsp goes for 37 tomorrow Heathrow area and 37 Saturday towards gravesend area in Kent both days in the south east widely 35/36 also extremely warm night Friday night some parts no lower than 25 degrees, stay hydrated all
  15. The slightest tweaks in gradients (given current plots) would easily take us at the very least into record matching=or beyond territories.
  16. Today
  17. I spent so much time worrying about low cloud from the north east in the coming days, yet here we are with large slabs of the stuff moving up from the south west. Currently 26c somehow....
  18. Breaks beginning to show in Bideford . Some short spells of sun shine and it feels warm .
  19. Not sure how people can enjoy hot, muggy and sticky weather, but each to their own. Thankfully I'm glad I'm up north. I'm all for a very usable low to mid-20s, but you can keep your 28/30C+ down south!
  20. Minimum temperatures a certainly something to keep an eye on. In a lot of places temperatures will not drop much below 20°C for days on end (quite amazing to see the forecast here with minimum temperatures in the 18-19°C region). I'm expecting the CET to skyrocket!
  21. It's pretty muggy! Thankfully not too hot as there's a lot of cloud.
  22. UKV has done well for today so far - see post above. Hopefully start that run of 30C today! 29C maybe more realistic though. (Recent UKV still going for a high of 29C later) 36C+ is definitely still on for tomorrow and probably Saturday as well! Friday 14:00 Saturday 15:00 Low twenties for me but keeping an eye on this band of showers - could be thunderstorms/downpours sweeping across parts of Scotland tomorrow. (Met Office mention thundery showers in my regional forecast) Bit of cloud bubbling up in the SW - wee risk of something popping up! As ever take any cloud cover/precipitation charts at this range with a pinch of salt! Have a good day! Edit: Heating up!
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