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  2. SE & East Anglia Regional Weather Discussion 23/04/2017 onwards

    I think the front has arrived here - it's gone very dull and gloomy over the course of the last half an hour or so. Maybe by this evening it'll be both brighter and fesher.
  3. I think BH Monday will be the main dodgy day of the coming weekend with a band of rain and strong winds gradually crossing the uk from west to east but the south-east could escape with a dry, bright and warm day ahead of the rain. Through the rest of next week it looks like a generally north-west / south-east split with the lions share of the cooler unsettled weather affecting the NW whereas further s / se should see decent largely fine and warm surface conditions at times with a risk of some thundery showers across the southeast.
  4. Glorious weather here in SE Spain this week. Barely a cloud, by day reaching 29-30C with a nice breeze and cooling down to 20-21C overnight. Absolutely perfect. I noticed the 'warm sunny spell' failed dismally at home in the UK with gloomy skies yet again. Flying home tomorrow, do NOT want to go back!
  5. Summer 2017 Discussion

    I wonder if he now still thinks the same? It's now on the border of being in the top 50 wettest summers on record for England and Wales.
  6. Heavy and persistent tropical rains led to devastating flooding and mudslides in August in Sierra Leone. Reports from Educaid, a charity in Freetown. Read more here
  7. Many a times I have watched a front Clear through in autumn and watch as the Crystal clear blue sky replaces the cloud fantastic to watch. You are right, it's already feeling a lot warmer now with the sun making an appearance. I find though frustrating as a gardener that if it's damp and cloudy it makes everything ten times harder as nothing drys out. Of course the exception being when you have to dig lol! Even then, a few weeks back when we had that biblical rain I was the mug digging fence post holes in clay. Could have taken up pot making that day and still have enough clay to see me out to the end of the year
  8. Members Photos - Show Yourself !

    Here is my ugly mug With the wife. Me and two of my six brothers Me with friends and family
  9. Today
  10. As is evident from MWB's post above, BH monday is far from sorted re upper trough - the ecm spread as opposed to the clusters posted reveals
  11. The thundery rain will clear east today, leaving fresher air behind it. For the rest of the week, it's the northwest seeing the bulk of any rain, but there is some uncertainty as we move into the Bank Holiday weekend. Watch the video here
  12. Did you see the offshore lightning last night?
  13. There are some monster rats around here:shok:

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      How big are they?

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      what's that coming over the hill, is it a monster, is it a monster?

  14. Great video Bazookabob, that near continuous thunder is something else !
  15. Finally some tentative signs of it brightening up , we have very hazy sunshine . Hopefully the positive trend continues.
  16. Isnt it always though, fresher weather means normally clearer weather and with the clearer weather the UV from the sun heats everything up even if temps are not the 30c that many want, Just think of all those SW winds we get in the darker days of the year, days of cloud and moist winds as soon as the cold front along bingo clear skies.
  17. I am in Malton today, 3rd Malton storm of the year for me, and I am only here 9-5 weekdays. It was certainly a show, and the rain was torrential for about 20 mins. No cloud structure to see, but came in very dark, almost twilight dark. Storms are now clearing the coast. Mrs said it was thundering and heavy rain after lunch but not as bad as here. Scarborough copped the full force though.
  18. Heavy rain went through about 8am this morning. Didn't make for a pleasant commute. Now grey and muggy at 18c/17c. Ready to give up on this August now, it's been poor.
  19. I know it's very difficult to credit it.
  20. What should I do for my 1000th post?

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      a rude joke:rofl:

  21. Finally got my first storm of the season! Around 4am it all began, with tropical rain and lots of close lightning and booming thunder!
  22. They have had some thundery activity this year, Northern Ireland. Possibly the best place to be this year so far for a storm fan.
  23. Ok so here's my video from this mornings storm east of Leeds. For about an hour there wasn't a second where you couldn't here thunder somewhere around, and the rain got torrential at times. M1, A1, M62 and M621 motorways all had partial closures for flooding within 5 miles of here. Also, for anyone attending Leeds Festival this weekend, it's about 5 miles from here so bring wellies lol! I've watched this back and recommend you have proper speakers or, best of all, headphones as my phone speakers mainly play the rain on the conservatory roof, drowning out a lot of the booming thunder. First half is as the band approaches with distant rolling thunder getting closer, the torrential rain and odd visible flash are at the back end. Shot over about 45mins but video is less than 10 mins. Hope you enjoy if you missed out today....
  24. I stayed up until 3am here expecting things to be developing from the west but gave up and set the alarm for 7am hoping it'd be overhead by that time, instead the storms decided to completely jump over the NorthWest and developed as they moved into Yorkshire instead. win some/lose some. Had a good night of tracking the front moving out from N.Ireland into Scotland, and was just reading earlier than 100 people have had to be rescued from Flooding overnight there. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-41019610
  25. I think much of the coming BH weekend will be quite pleasant away from the far n / nw with sunny spells and plenty of dry weather with just a few showers dotted around, some heavy and thundery ones possible across the SE for a time and some rain across the far n / nw...just my usual completely unbiased view of course.
  26. England Football Team

    Wayne Rooney announces his retirement from international football
  27. The EU storm map has given a couple of warnings over the big storms east of York https://www.eustormmap.com/
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