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  2. Typhoon Lan

    Looks like the typhoon was rapidly weakening as it made landfall (reportedly as cat-2) southwest of Tokyo, the eye went right over the city at about 21z Oct 22 (Monday morning 23rd local time) based on regional wind patterns, but peak gusts at three Tokyo airports were about 60 knots, pressure appeared to be 965 mbs at that point. Temperature briefly spiked at 25 C at Narita northeast of the city centre. The remnants are now east of Hokkaido.
  3. Whilst theres been a bit flip flopping the upcoming period 0-16 days generally the means of the strat models have depicted a down turn in zonal wind speeds - heading close to 1 standard deviation below ave- so the tweet from Amy butler ( annoying taken when the output was rarely above ave ) is now well out of date S
  4. Typhoon Lan

    That is monstrous!
  5. Yesterday
  6. Daily Report At Pollard's Hill, Surrey Recordings Taken At Midnight: Current Conditions: Mostly Cloudy Current Temp: 10.8°C Barometer Reading: 1019hPa (Rising) Humidity: 54% Past 24 Hours Recordings: Sunday 22nd October 2017: Max Temp: 14.3°C Min Temp: 9.2°C Rainfall: Nil October 2017 Stats: Temperature: Max Temp Avg: 17.6°C Min Temp Avg: 10.8°C Mean Temp Avg: 14.2°C Highest Daytime Max Temp: 22.0°C on the 16th Lowest Daytime Max Temp: 14.3°C on the 22nd Highest Night Min Temp: 13.5°C on the 16th Lowest Night Min Temp: 7.2°C on the 6th Rainfall: Highest 24 Hours Rainfall: 3.6mm on the 19th Total October Rainfall: 13.2mm Pressure: Barometer High 1025hPa on the 3rd and the 6th Barometer Low: 999hPa on the 19th Yearly 2017 Stats: Temperature: Highest Daytime Max Temp: 33.0°C on 21st June Lowest Daytime Max Temp: 0.8°C on 26th January Highest Night Min Temp: 18.7°C on 19th June Lowest Night Min Temp: -3.6°C on 23rd January Rainfall: Highest 24 Hours Rainfall: 36.9mm on 9th August Total Year Rainfall: 466.5mm Driest Month: 2.1mm...April Wettest Month: 93.2mm...July Pressure: Barometer High: 1038hPa on 17th January Barometer Low: 985hPa on 27th February
  7. Dry and calm start with some clear skies Temp 7.6c
  8. Not in most places but it's certainly not unusual at 400m in the North Pennines. Or at least it shouldn't be.
  9. This Tim last year I was in  namche bazaar, ''twas an epic adventure :)

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    2. Mokidugway


      Tierra del  Paine and the atacama desert  and Easter island.

    3. CreweCold


      This time 30 years ago I was nowt but a developing fetus 

    4. CreweCold


      Twas a simpler time

  10. Cool and breezy with a few showers this afternoon. Current temp: 11.6°C Humidity: 85% Dewpoint: 9.2°C Max temp: 12.9°C Min temp: 8.6°C Rainfall: 0.8mm Pressure: 1020.2mb rising
  11. A question about snow in November's 2004 and 2005

    18th November 2004 was a nice surprise snowfall in Sheffield. It had been a fairly mild day (I was in a T-shirt) but the evening saw a cold plunge and rain turning rapidly to snow. We ended up with about six inches that night, which stuck around for a couple of days. There was an official depth of 18cm in Hathersage seven miles away
  12. Autumn thoughts

    Out walking in Buttermere and travelled through Borrowdale this weekend, in an average year this is peak season time for autumnal colours, alas not this year, due to factors, lack of sunshine and cold weather - a frost works wonders, and also strong winds. Many trees are bare already, and the landscape has a very November look to it, everything is soaking and soggy, and rather beaten about.
  13. Indeed, yet another test of the SAI. If it fails this year then I for one will be binning it.
  14. A question about snow in November's 2004 and 2005

    The November 2004 event was mostly a higher ground one, in the Lake District the fells were plastered down to about 250 metres, below that the snow quickly melted. The Nov 2005 event brought much more widespread snow, and was colder and followed by cold weather.
  15. As if that post wasn't meant to be a tease lol
  16. Rugby League / Union 2013 onwards

    Wasps back to winning ways giving the Quins a good hiding.
  17. Was there a snowy spell in late February 2006?

    Don't recall much snow in late February 2006, though it was quite cold overall with a fair bit of frost, perhaps some wintry showers and a slight dusting at times - I was in the NE of England at the time. Early March 2006 brought quite a bit of snow though, which stuck around thanks to the bitter polar air, some very sharp frosts. March 12 2006 was a very cold day with a band of snow from the west. Late Feb 2005 brought many snow showers and spells of wet snow to many, however, temperatures were often very marginal for settling snow, you needed to go above about 200 metres for any appreciable long lasting snow cover. So it may well have been late Feb 2005.
  18. And frost in October, even where I live in the North Pennines, is getting less likely as the years go by..... One can but hope the period of quiet Sun predicted from 2020 through to the 2040s brings us some cooler years with a return to proper frosty autumns and severe winters before rising CO2 levels wreck our seasons and climate for good!
  19. Not a bad fit with the MJO phase 6/7 and the anomaly at the moment
  20. A cool and breezy day with sunny periods and light showers mid-afternoon. Maximum 13.4, minimum 9.4. Wind moderate W.
  21. An interesting synoptical set up this week, with the models showing a marked about turn in things come the weekend, a slow moving warm front pulling in milder and milder air behind it, but only to come unstuck by a u-turn in the jetstream which will send it crashing back down SE, allowing much cooler air to filter in from the NW. Not often this happens..especially in late October. As we head into November, signal for mid atlantic ridging and a NW-SE aligned jet, the ridge may build into the country to produce some calm chilly conditions at times before the trough anchors down on it from the NW, the wettest weather reserved for the north and north east in such a set up. More importantly it will allow a significant colder pool of air to develop to the NE and I suspect a rapid advance of snow cover into NE Europe.
  22. 2017 Formula One Season

    overzealous stewards ruining a great finish......prats
  23. Not being that knowledgeable I puzzled over this before I twigged it's a Little Grebe with winter plumage A quizzy Jay this morning
  24. A few light showers earlier becoming dry with some sunny spells,cooler and windy at times,max 12 deg,min 10 deg
  25. 2017 Formula One Season

    Five-second time penalty for Verstappen has stripped him of 3rd place
  26. 2017 Formula One Season

    Lewis wins the United States Grand Prix to put him on the brink of winning the world championship just needs to finish 5th or higher in Mexico Mercedes win the constructor's title
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