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  4. Many of us have discovered what a bad world we live in, and how nice people are used to exploit. It's not funny anymore, the world can take its media spot light and shove it up its rectum. We live and learn, and we have certainly done that. Fame is not all its cracked up to be, not happy at all !
  5. Blustery outside tonight which feels great when standing in it and sounds good through windows left ajar
  6. I also just took some time to stand in the blustery winds outside and I must say it did feel refreshing after months of stagnant like weather. As such I am looking forward to the next few days and the incoming weather. Besides my excitement though, I do hope that everyone stays alert and safe because the strength of the winds are looking quite significant from as early as rush hour traffic on Thursday morning.
  7. Why didn't we see that Falcao when he was at United? He was always a world class finisher until that injury seemingly robbed him of a couple of years of his career.
  8. Could be in line for strongest winds in North Midlands. I can remember 60mph storms before, but not 80mph if it comes off. Peak District will be a bleak place with potential for snow. That said I'm ready for some more interesting weather than lately.
  9. Its looking like it's a possibility according to the latest Beeb forecast. Certainly worth a drive to the hills.
  10. I know Doris isn't here yet but I just put the bins out and I am enjoying the wild wind outside, makes a change from the last few months.
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  12. I don't talk to them, just walk into them.
  13. The snowiest winters of the 1990s were generally 1990/91 and 1995/96. 1993/94 was quite a snowy winter in some regions, especially the north-east, despite not being particularly cold, while 1996/97 started off with some snow events in November and December but ended very mild. The other winters of the 1990s were, however, predominantly mild. Some winters had their moments (Bristol may well have been hit by the early March 1995 snow event for instance) but they were pretty rare.
  14. Right, I think I'm beginning to understand what's going on. Now all I have to do is work out the why. Thank you!
  15. Is it tracking further South than was shown earlier today? More of Northern England and NI now at risk of some snow?
  16. OK a little baffled as to why no warning in place for north Tyne/ Northumberland at the moment for wind, it has steadily been increasing in strength all evening here. With some really strong gusts
  17. Thursday is looking a bit nasty at the moment, although obviously still plenty of time for change. Personally would like the worst a bit away from the area as I've got quite a busy day Thursday! Although it would probably be my first 'proper' wind storm living in West Yorks... Not that I'm particularly interested in experiencing one!
  18. A closer look at the aperge shows how severe this storm could become. No need for a ref vote we will be part of Europe like it or not 90 mph plus 70to 80 over a large area
  19. 5.1°C Thank you please!
  20. I just want the same weather that we had 20-30 years ago lol
  21. I work in Strathaven....very good spot In these setups for heavy snow
  22. 5.7C, please.
  23. I think you guys need to move tbh. No weather is as depressing as the English moaning about a climate that treats them pretty kindly.
  24. The sting jet in the image is just beyond the little curl of white cloud. The cold air descending evaporates the cloud head and gives it the cut off look rather than the traditional swiss roll type spiral banding. A diagram here explains the process and where to look. Open in a new tab and enlarge for easier to read text. Looks nasty! ARPEGE over egged the pudding, leading to our red warning a couple of weeks back but it is usually a very reliable model for this type of extreme wind event.
  25. My flights have been changed so I'm looking forward to watching this go tits up from home!
  26. Yes its slightly strengthening.I hope it tracks further away from us selfishly.Be ok if it moved further south and might drag colder air further south also.Hope everyone stays safe.
  27. All the talk so far has mostly been about the wind, but the snow that I might get looks impressive. BBC say 5-10cm but you can usually add another inch and a bit to the actual total... Bring it on! Windspeeds look dangerous for you folk in central England, but wouldn't be as bad if it was up here in Scotland. Strange to think that tbh...
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