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  2. Air and ground frost here -0.5C. Cold,clear and crisp this morning. A beautiful autumn day
  3. Not the cold temps here some of you got in our region. Got down to 8.6c here at 6am after being 10c at midnight. Yesterday max temp was just 16.4c mid afternoon. Now sunny blue skies, 11.4c, 1038 hpa, very light NE wind.
  4. Fabulous pictures as ever. Your dog gets about. Bit nippy this morning 4.2c,fairly boring weatherwise, sunny.
  5. First sub zero of the season here...-0.5C. Can't decide whether to put heating on when the temps recover so well in the day!
  6. ECM clusters last night: High pressure dominant up to and including day 10: Hints of something flatter and more westerly based emeerging around day 15, though no clear prognosis:
  7. Frosty hollows

    Typhoon mangkhut

    This is the next beast. Best erc I've ever seen #typhoontrami Check out @StuOstro’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/StuOstro/status/1044253347157553154?s=09
  8. Katrine Basso

    Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    Sunspot number: 0 Updated 25 Sep 2018 Spotless Days Current Stretch: 12 days 2018 total: 154 days (58%) The Radio Sun 10.7 cm flux: 68 sfu
  9. Morning all, a low of 4C this morning, starts the day, with blue skies and plenty of sunshine, classic autumn day.
  10. First slight ground frost min of 3.6c coldest September night since 2007.
  11. Can we please stick to Model Output discussion as per thread title, And cut the tickle tackle. Any problems please report said post or PM a member of the team. Thanks.
  12. glorious morning across Esher Common !! autumn is well and truly in full swing ..
  13. Cold dry and sunny Temp 5.7c
  14. It would appear therefore that the most accurate predictions regarding SC 25 will be available somewhere around 2025-6 as semi-hindcasts? Again it's a case of insufficient data to be reliable, but it would be interesting to get the data spoken about on the BBC yesterday where scientists are getting trees out of Scottish lochs and are dating them and establishing some climactic data based on growth. These trees are in some cases over 1000 years old and may show a bit more cyclicality (is that a word?!) Thank we currently understand
  15. 3.3c in Sept and down here on the coast must almost be some sort of record or very near it. Perfect autumnish weather crystal clear skies cold nights, sunny days.
  16. Yes, it will be a good test of the prediction theories, should be a very educational period that might help us understand more about the interactions between solar activity, weather and climate. It may even help us to establish better understanding of greenhouse gas effects and how the climate changes naturally in the cycleof things...
  17. Looking a bit further ahead, the GEFS 00z mean indicates an anticyclonic first week of October with very pleasant surface conditions by day but some cold nights with a risk of mist / fog patches and slight frosts but then a change to colder and more unsettled from the NW / N in the run up to mid month..just checked the postage stamps and there are some cold Northerly shots and also a generally more fired up atlantic beyond week 2.
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  19. Cold this morning, slight frost on shed roof and grass. 2.2c. Places up on Lansdown Hill will have surely ton sub-zero last night...
  20. Dry, mostly sunny with a low of 2.8 C, no sign of any ground/grass frost
  21. Exactly, what's the point in posting charts from months ahead.....they are irrelevant at the moment, and clearly not going to verify. 10-14 days is about as reliable as you are going to get from the models, and even then the reliability is low at day 14. Early october is too soon for anything other than a cool night really.....we can start worrying about the white stuff in another month.
  22. cyclonic happiness

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Low of 2.6'c, so first ground frost this side of summer
  23. A cold start once again, I notice a touch of frost on the grass. 2C
  24. 1.7C here. Looks like a lovely day ahead again...
  25. Some nice developments from the GFS 00z this morning if it's settled weather you're after. The high remains slap bang over us for most of the run after slipping west for a time over the weekend. I can't see anything particularly cold in the offing. If the GFS run comes off it would mean cool nights (probably not particularly cold) and warm afternoons in the high teens to low 20s for many.
  26. snefnug

    Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    First frost outside, temperature currently 2 degrees, heating on.
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