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  2. How this was not named I’ll never know, my fence is really damaged everything blown about. It more than fit the criteria it was modelled but yet not a thing! IMO there should have been amber for parts of EA.
  3. I think you're right on that point Yarmy. And I see some other weather organisations are questioning why the Met Office didn't name the storm.
  4. Looking at the national rail news feeds, looks like every train line in the south East has trees down. The low bombed that tiny bit earlier, winds to me seem to be 10mph up on what was forecast. East Anglia must be getting a hammering right now. Ironically fairly calm down here!!
  5. I drove up there and left because of the queue
  6. If moving was an easy option there'd be an earthquake caused by the stampede
  7. Windy and wet last night.. currently heavy showers piling in. It's going to be a rather wet day.. hopefully the storms will get going later on too. One things for sure.. after last night's rain the ground is saturated.
  8. Looks like snow to rain even up high on Sunday though
  9. If moving was an option there'd be a stampede
  10. Yes completely different to newsline which basically said snow on hills. We will see.
  11. We done well here. Nice thick layer of snow. Now if this holds until the next event on Sunday it should be fun.
  12. Starting to quieten down now, still some big gusts, but the worst is over.
  13. Met Office text update sounds reasonably good for tonight
  14. For me,it needed it's own name given wind speeds reported and snow disruption. I think Jo said they had merged it with Fionn.However if that did happen there was no 'fanfare'for last night's system as we have seen with other named storms.
  15. I'm starting to notice the difference, even on days where there is thick cloud around sunset. Still a long way to go though. Roll on Spring is all I say.
  16. All the snow last night melted again overnight what a tragedy so far this January no daylight lying snow lol
  17. I'm sick of this Winter, it's been very good for Scotland, Ireland & a lot of Northern England, while place in Central & Southern England have seen snow, Here in parts of the South West and South Coast we've been feeding of scraps of wintry showers. It feels like the only way we would see anything decent snow wise is too get the mother of all cold spells, which we all know are as rare as hens teeth. Looks drier and warmer next week which suits me, it can stay that way from now on as far as I'm concerned
  18. I want know which one of you lot secretly erected a snow shield over my house????
  19. Only thing falling by my house last night was a load of rubbish bins in the wind lol
  20. Have you got any high voltage power lines within a couple of miles of you? Might have been sparks caused by the violently swinging lines touching each other. From the post from @SteveyKemp58 above there seems to be quite a few power outages in East Anglia atm. I can remember the Oct 87 storm and the sparking lines around here looked like a firework display!
  21. Could have been so much better!- alas we managed a couple of cms, had the precipitation stated as snow then we could have seen about 2 inches, had it been heavier throughout its duration possibly more like 4 inches. So Dec 29 remains the best snowfall of the winter so far - only 4 cms mind.. Expecting sleety snowy showers at times today, nothing significant, but may see another dusting later today/overnight, and possibly more showers tomorrow morning, would be nice if the snow can stick Sat morning at least for kids etc.
  22. Ok so sure sign the winter is over, even the NW snow risk map has put the sign of the "twin fingers" up this morning....
  23. Is this system even called anything? Major disruption countrywide this morning!
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