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  2. Nothing expected here today but decent looking sky not long ago. Looking at the radar there was a brief light shower where that cloud was at the time.
  3. Looks a reasonable shout. 19C CET well within reach, 20C probably not
  4. Loads of gloomy cloud here today that isn’t producing any rain, storms or interesting weather whatsoever. Light winds, however and 23C currently.
  5. to add to this most models to keep the azores to scandi heights going, and towards the end of the gem ecm and gefs all have heat pumped up from the southeast or south. looking at scandinavia they got 850s at +16 and some models also show +16 850s across south and south eastern areas. been a longtime since we seen the jet sent so far north and no sign yet of it going anywhere fast. its not been a very mobile westerly flow for sometime, although not surprised give the record breaking strat warming plus a more el nino set up with east qbo and continued low solar activity. so just right for heights to continue to dominate. and spain and central europe looks incredibly hot. the attacks from the west are 1 aiding heat to pump up from the south or south east. 2 the azores/scandi heights are a brickwall. although looking pretty dry as is normally the case in these set ups we still could set up some spectacular storms either home grown or imported from our south. either way heatwave continues as have many have said really is not a common feature in recent years. gem is the most extreme but this could be further west or further east which would suggest we would miss the hottest. gefs looks close to a extreme heat event. ecm is very close to the gefs. ive left out the gfs i think its way to progressive.
  6. The darkest clouds we’ve seen since May. Could today be the day....? My lawn says please please please. As do the green woodpeckers who haven’t found a worm in the iron ground for two months and, sadly, have vanished.
  7. They haven't been pushed back...30C certainly still on the cards for Monday and Tuesday in the south and high 20s for much of England. The GFS 06Z actually looks hotter in its latter stages as well than previous runs. No signs of anything cooler that's for sure. Inclined to have a small wager on LP? On what grounds? It certainly can't be on previous form given this summer so far! The opposite has often happened to what you suggest- ie. this week.
  8. Latest GFS goes down the warm route after the weekend, with the CET around 19.4C by the end of both the high res section and the end of the month. Also, yesterday is provisionally the coolest day of the month so far, at 16.55C. This is still warmer the coolest day of the month for any other July on record.
  9. And again that joke... http://www.bournemouthecho.co.uk/news/16361490.met-office-issue-weather-warning-for-thunderstorms-on-friday/?ref=mr&lp=2
  10. Yet again it looks dark to the north of here, unlike yesterday when there wasn’t any rain nearby, it looks like there is a tiny shower showing on the radar. Mostly cloudy at the moment although the sun was out not long ago. 19.9°C.
  11. Well at least it's dry, they are cleaning the 12 storey Home Apartments @ the top of Richmond hill and the guys are hanging out there on long ropes, so the lack of wind and the lack of rain is probably well appreciated by them!
  12. A lot of spikes to 30C between 23rd and 27th July on the latest ECM ensemble graphs for London (that's midday/6pm temps, not maximum temps) (note- this chart will automatically update at midnight tonight)
  13. GEFS 6z ramping up the furnace!! SE England looks hot, hot, hot!!!
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    Things that tick you off?

    king edward potatoes
  15. If that ends up being the final figure to the 15th then the first half of July 2018 will be joint-third hottest on record with 1852; only 1983 (19.7C) and 1976 (21.2C) are ahead. Fourth place is 1826 at 19.2C, so a very large downward correction would be required to drop below that.
  16. That's like complaining you've only got 5cm of snow instead of 10cm! It's likely temps will be in the 30c region regardless - does it really matter too much if it's 30c or 33c in the grand scheme of things? It's staying hot, that's good enough for most people into the first week of the summer holidays.
  17. Today
  18. I got back to Warminster around 4 ish and it was mostly dry until the outskirts. Driving into the middle I couldn't believe how wet it was. I go soaked going 2 m from car to door, and the dog did not want to go out. Oddly quite a lot of the lawns in town are still very dry - I suspect an awful lot of the rain ran straight off. My allotment did get a good drink though, so I've finally been able to ease off on the watering!
  19. Seems fairly agreed at day 10 this morning for an upper trough to amplify and slow out west as it comes up against blocking over Scandi, now the question is how much heat can we draw form the south? 06z GFS shows the 15C T850 line creeping in across the far SE day 10, but we could see 30C+ before then later next week towards the SE. The heat just doesn't look like relenting in the S/SE at least. Whether we can tap into some serious heat (mid-30s) remains to be seen though and whether the heat can get further north across the UK too, depending on how close the upper trough edges in from the west, too close and big heat will be confined to the near continent. 00z EPS mean day 10 06z GEFS mean day 10
  20. Summer Sun

    Met office 16 to 30 day outlook

    UK Outlook for Thursday 2 Aug 2018 to Thursday 16 Aug 2018: Throughout this period it seems most likely that the weather pattern will only evolve very slowly. The west of the UK is likely to see more in the way of breezier, cloudier conditions with some rain or showers at times, with these occasionally affecting other areas. Elsewhere, especially further east, drier and more settled weather is expected to dominate, although with the ongoing risk of a few heavy showers or thunderstorms breaking out at times. Temperatures generally remaining above average for most, with the potential for further spells of very warm or hot conditions, and possibly very hot at times in the south and east. Temperatures are likely to be often nearer normal at times in the northwest. https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/forecast
  21. Summer Sun

    Meto Uk Further Outlook

    UK Outlook for Monday 23 Jul 2018 to Wednesday 1 Aug 2018: On Monday and Tuesday the northwest of the UK is likely to see cloudier conditions with some rain and drizzle at times, especially across western hills. Elsewhere it should be largely dry with sunny spells and light winds, chiefly across the east and southeast, although central areas could have the odd shower at times. Looking further ahead a west-east split in conditions is likely to develop, with eastern areas being drier, more settled, warm and increasingly humid, but always with the risk of isolated showers or thunderstorms. Further west it may be more changeable and breezy with some outbreaks of rain or showers, but also some drier interludes. Temperatures nearer normal in the west, but generally warm elsewhere, with hot or very hot conditions at times in the east https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/forecast
  22. Yes it's a great run further ahead, and this week shows plenty of warm / very warm weather too, especially further s / se with 28/29c on thurs / fri..which is hot.☺
  23. Well, they got that forecast wrong again. It's supposed to be blue skies according to both the BBC and Met Office, but it is completely cloudy. 22.6°C The weekend's forecast has changed dramatically too! Again, it was supposed to be blue skies from start to finish, but now it's cloudy throughout the whole weekend. Temp's were showing 28°C for Saturday, and 27°C for Sunday, that has now changed to 24°C and 25°C.
  24. Hopefully it nudges a little further North
  25. Now that's more like it......just a tad adjustment east for a nice cool plummet.
  26. aye, my phone told me Met O had issued a yellow for the area. A risk is a Risk I guess. Gone cloudy here, and some quite interesting looking clouds too. I miss the cloud porn storms give, had hardly any cloud for a while of note. Lovely and cool for end of year picnic stuffs.
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