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  2. Crikey the above link for SevereWeatherEU is showing heavy rainfall indeed. The following graphic shows the snow cover in the Alps for 18th Oct. (current) and I just viewed that and thought the Alps were looking much healthier, then I saw your post @J10 So it will certainly be interesting to see the graphic over the coming days and how it may change now that we are nearing the end of the predicted rainfall for 19 -21 October.
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  4. EWP was at 99 mm after 18 days and added one or two on Saturday to reach 100 mm. The GFS has backed off its earlier dry look with two rainfall events expected now before the month ends. The additional amounts look to be around 40-50 mm potentially, so now we're heading into the top portions of the forecast set, although not yet high enough to rescue mine from a relatively low score. Will say 150 mm the new over-under. There are only these seven forecasts above the annual leader (BFTV) with 130 mm who looks to increase his lead now as these seven players are all below 15th place currently. The high forecasts are shown in order of departure from the target of 150 mm. This does not mean they are top seven scores, the larger departures here will be outscored by quite a few below 130 mm unless the final outcome goes higher than 150. There's a pretty good chance that the first five in this list will end up in the top five to ten in scoring but in what order yet to be determined. 150 mm __ Godber.1 140 mm __ Steve Murr 134 mm __ virtualsphere 167 mm __ SteveB 130 mm __ Born from the Void 188 mm __ I Remember Atlantic 252 200 mm __ Lettucing Gutted 215.7 mm __ Roger J Smith
  5. The refs need a right good shake up from top to bottom. What's the point of having VAR if you're not going to overturn the refs call? Might as well just get shot of it if that's the case.
  6. Heavy showers throughout Sunday are now becoming less frequent Currently dry and cloudy Temp 8.6c
  7. Focusing on the longer term for a moment gfs definitely having a more unsettled wetter scenario compared with the ECM but the ECM has trended slightly less settled by the end of next week but still brings a pretty warm (for the time of year) southerly wind.. Ecm.. In contrast to the gfs that spins up a nasty low for Friday bringing severe gales to the south with much colder air to the north for Scotland mabye some hill snow? then a trailing weather front linked to another low pressure system starts to pep up and very slowly move across England giving a two day deluge end of next weekend into the following week made possible from the high pressure cell to the north effectively slowing its progress down and a big temperature contrast between Scotland and England keeping the frontal system active throughout.. GFS.. Any further than this the output is quite different with every run interesting that this very wet scenario has been progged by the gfs for a couple days now.. Ofcourse a more settled and less wet scenario is possible too and next weekend may indeed be mostly dry but more runs needed and no point in going into detail after Wednesday for now.
  8. Mind you not like Atkinson would of gave it so what ever.. he was embarrassing
  9. But did lindelof not have his hands round him and pull him back... so if he went down a pen...
  10. The new hand ball rule is appalling. VAR had no choice but to rule it out whoever thought of the new rule on handballs wants sacking
  11. Yes,plenty of drama to end the week according to the 18z.
  12. Pub run had too many beers? Only at day 5 mind, significant snow maker for Scottish border zips a low NE engaging in some quite cold air slither of -6C 850hPa in central belt with nightfall and light winds on north flank of low, probably some decent snow for hills, but threat there for something more widespread/disruptive?
  13. Hmmm interesting looks like that trough to the north is pushing further south between 120 and 144 hours in the last 2 gfs runs!!can that continue!!i aint complaining it will defo feel cooler!!
  14. Listed below, are each Entrant's "Virtual" Returns from Champion's Day plus Categories 5 and 7: ASCOT CATEGORY 5 CATEGORY 7 TOTAL "VIRTUAL" RETURNS ANTONYBR7 6.25 NIL NIL 6.25 BRISTLE BOY 51.47 NIL 4.19 55.66 CASSIE/SE12 31.63 NIL NIL 31.63 K/WEATHER 9.59 1.13 .42 11.14 LASSIE23 13.82 NIL 3.77 17.59 SUMMER SUN 25.32 NIL 4.19 29.51 TOMSE12 23.47 NIL 6.19 29.66 Below is the tabulated form of the Current Standings after the Champion's Day Phase, of the Competition: EARLY-MID AUTUMN RACING COMPETITION (Current Standings after Champion's Day,19th Oct.) Entrant Sept. "Arc" W/End "Ces" W/End "Champs Day Cats. (1-7) "V/"R Total BRISTLE BOY 85.18 72.18 79.92 51.47 12.48 301.23 LASSIE23 114.37 45.73 26.60 13.82 28.07 228.59 K/WEATHER 56.37 86.92 64.64 9.59 1.55 219.07 TOMSE12 94.82 25.63 30.67 23.47 19.36 193.95 CASSIE/SE12 84.21 35.25 33.63 31.63 3.19 187.91 SUMMER SUN 63.83 41.01 31.39 25.32 13.42 174.97 ANTONYBR7 75.41 35.55 46.27 6.25 NIL 163.48 BRISTLE BOY consolidates his lead then, with by far the best performance on Champion's Day. I will reflect on yesterday's Racing in terms of the Competition tomorrow Morning, when I have more time. Regards, Tom.
  15. Overcast and rather cold with patchy drizzle from mid afternoon onwards. Maximum 12.2, minimum 4.3. Wind light N.
  16. Ok,a balanced post from me,i would take an Indian summer like scenario as i am fed up of all the rain that we have had,if you look at the NH profiles this hp cell would do some damage to the fledgling pv,the pattern still looks amplified to me even out to day ten the gefs/ecm means but what goes up must come down around the back door,i am not saying that this will happen but one to watch because with an amplified situation like this,anything could happen,it's a very meridian pattern with slow motion hence the uncertainty i mentioned earlier tonight's cpc outlook suggest's a fine spell of weather for the BI.good,but that is some hp cell/block and i see no Atlantic influence from these charts and the NAO/AO show this ok we are still in October and we would like to usher things along to winter but patience is always granted we have a long way to go yet so hold on there my fellow coldies a final note is that i think we are in a better situation than previous years with more of a less solar influence,-qbo trending E though i think later on in the winter,EN SO state remains neutral,SAI(snow advance index) is slightly better this year and the OFI(October fog index),well we have 11 days for some fog to form,is that too much to ask,it has been ages since i have seen some fog any acronyms i have missed
  17. Handball by mane, VAR is having a giraffe
  18. Recent weeks have seen the cold water at the sub-surface destroyed outside the Far Eastern Pacific due to a much more Nino atmospheric profile caused by the development of a standing trade wave in the Indian Ocean. The interesting thing however is that current forecasts are for the standing Indian Ocean wave to leak easterly momentum into the Pacific. If this persists then it may start to entice a cooler sub-surface profile. Strange goings on.
  19. Missed Salah badly. Jurgen was clearly upset when he was attacked in the Leicester game. He clearly knew it was serious. Two fast forwards clearly have a greater combined strength than just straight addition (by a long way; - which one does the fastest defender take on)? Origi appeared out of place in his left hand side placement, and he lost the ball on quite a few occasions, and fell over frequently even when he wasn't fouled!. I suspect that with the Euro Tie, Tottenham and Arsenal in the next 10 days they were trying to win without expending too much effort... A bad plan against United who were clearly hyped up.... Still they managed a point, with the only 'genuine' goal, Atkinson was a disgrace and Man U knew if they fell over they would be awarded a free kick. Any 50 50 challenge went to ManU. MIA
  20. No thank you!! Come back at the end of March, then we'll talk heat
  21. I think seasonal describes the most recent model output post. As long as Northern Blocking stablises and develops into something epic for winter, we're laughing.
  22. A guess of 6.7*C and 42mm please. Probably mostly High Pressure dominated with variable cool and mild days. Nights being chilly and misty with some frost at times. A gradual return of unsettled conditions from the West around 2 thirds into the month, perhaps preceded by snow over Northern high ground, but High Pressure quickly building back centred over Northern UK. Pressure maybe low enough to the South to bring in some light wintry showers from the East over South-Eastern areas at times.
  23. yes the curse of old trafford almost hexed liverpool again
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