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  2. We hit 32.5C here today, but the fun surely awaits later? Earlier: Now with a grandstand seat on the deck watching this thing come to life:
  3. Brightest NLC show of the season NNE low on horizon...atm   01.45

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  5. here is a sobering thought..i have started thinking about moving back to the UK because i dont know if i can face another winter of endless dark mornings here in Edmonton..because of its location in my time zone and latitude..its stays dark up to 8am from October to April and up to 9am from November to Mid February ..it never truly bothered me that much until the last 2 winters..when i have really struggled particularly in Dec and Jan
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  7. A dry and cloudy night with a much fresher feel Temp 12.8c
  8. I'm so happy, haaappy, haaaaaaaaaaapppppppppppppppyyyyyyyyyy!!! And no i've not been on the grape juice. This is just my favourite time of year, favourite and weather aaaaaah!
  9. I think Eilat in Israel has one of the highest UV levels in the world at sea level. Usually 13 but I've seen an odd 14 sometimes in June. Sunburn within minutes I'd have thought. Similar in Sharm-El-Sheikh in Egypt. Eilat (Israel) weather WWW.METOFFICE.GOV.UK Eilat 7 day weather forecast including weather warnings, temperature, rain, wind, visibility, humidity and UV
  10. In contrast Eureka just a few hundred miles west on the Californian coast has much more comfortable temperatures. Their average maximum in summer there is a mere 18°C, cooler than most places in our region. They are also the only city in America to never record a temperature of 90 Fahrenheit (32°C) . This is due to the cold Pacific Ocean. Amazing variety in summer temperatures in California.
  11. Hopefully Lincoln is in for a good chance on Wednesday night, would be great to approaching storms at night
  12. Up to 25.7c in the end, much warmer than the 21c forecast by the MO. Currently 18.6c, with a very brisk northerly breeze picked up. Have all the windows open upstairs trying to push the warm air out; doesn’t seem to be working so far! What with the humidity, heat and a heavily hayfevered teen sneezing away in the next room, can’t see sleep being easy to come by tonight. Even the kitten is meowing his head off and he’s normally zonked by now.
  13. Amazing time lapse. Had a few rumbles and flashes last June but nothing as good as that here. You can even see the stars slowly moving as well. What’s the feels like temperature though? 😉 With the UV that I am I imagine any unprotected skin would go red in a few seconds. Looks absolutely terrifying! Did you take that? I’d be scared if I was on that plane lol.
  14. Dry and very warm again - sunny in the morning, started clouding over this afternoon. Maximum 26.7, minimum 14.6. Wind light N.
  15. Well don’t think I’ve ever seen a Weather Forecast with temperatures that high before! 😮 Highs of 50°C+ and lows of 30°C. The kind of extreme heat you’d only normally see on the equator. With the extreme UV and unbroken sun must feel like 100°C! 🥵 I guess that’s why they call it Death Valley! That kind of heat is deadly.
  16. Not quite as hot as yesterday, due to increasing cloud. High of 26C at 14:06. Currently 18C but with 70% humidity (following max of 80% at 04:20), it feels uncomfortable and hotter than 18. Wind 0mph from N with 10 min average of 0.5 mph; 2 minute average of 0.3mph. Pressure 1021.5hPa rising slowly.
  17. Already expecting a classic NW-SE divide in monthly mean temp values.
  18. As always as the event approaches models start correcting eastwards. Whilst a broader area of rain/embedded lightning is likely for areas further west, the main excitement looks to be focused towards the SE/eastern parts of East Anglia. East of green line = Heavy rainfall, possibly leading to localised flooding, gusty winds & some sporadic lightning, uncertain how electrified this part of the system will be. East of orange line = Highest threat of thunderstorms, possibly locally severe along the extreme S coast due to higher shear here, though overall shear o
  19. Wednesday into Thursday looking interesting for our region with regard to thunderstorms!!
  20. 24c today, light breeze, blue skies, there really isn't much better. Some storms Wednesday night, wish they'd arrive in the day, haven't had a daytime storm for years, they're so much better.
  21. Same elaborate system to keep the house cool as here! Hope your son’s trip wasn’t too hot.
  22. It's ok, it's a dry heat 🤣 I didn't know UV index went that high.
  23. UKV starting to firm up now, the last few runs have been similar.
  24. Hoping we get some westward corrections in the next few runs, but we are getting down to it now, so it needs to happen soon. All my camera gear is ready to go, the question is, how far am I prepared to travel given that I have to work on Thursday, hopefully not too far, or at all if we get lucky 🤞🏻
  25. No thanks!! I was in the Dordogne in France a few years back when there were record breaking temps in a few places in SW France. The temp was nudging 40C where we were staying on one day. Spent most of the time in the pool to keep cool. We had travelled up from the Pyrenees on that day and the temp in Lourdes had already reached 30C at 9AM. It was unbearably hot. I can only imagine how utterly unbearable 50C would be.
  26. Plume or no plume, that is the question on the ECM clusters tonight at T192-T240: 23/51 go for some kind of plume, and the UKMO solution is probably in there somewhere. Be interesting to see what happens by early next week, after the potential for storms later this week. A lot going on at the moment.
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