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  2. Well I suppose today is an improvement…can actually see some features in the cloud cover and it’s certainly brighter.
  3. No frost here, but a chilly 2c and wonder of wonders, the sun is appearing in the sky, the clouds are parting and some blue sky is appearing
  4. Doubt we will see much rain at all... high pressure looks to continue over our part for the next couple of weeks with maybe the odd front here and there. Could this be linked to climate change? I'm not sure.. we need another decade of winters to compare with but recently bar the exeptions.. in the last decade our winters have been dominated by South westerly winds. With a warming climate it wouldnt really surprise me that southern UK winters become snowless in the next 5 years. It takes something truly extraordinary to get anything cold here now. Could be dry high pressure dominated winters become the norm as we displace the jet in winter.. who knows. We meed more time and data to know. Having to water the field and plants again this week. Second winter in a row where we have had to water when plants are dormant because they are showing signs of lack of water (pot grown plants)
  5. Clear skies this morning and a frost. Well at least it should mean that there will be some sunshine today. It looks like we will see a more westerly regime take charge, though high pressure will remain close to the south of the U.K. so any rain should be pretty light.
  6. whoa, don't do that ,i cant believe it i know its a long shot, but by valentines day ,we shall experience rain ,and the wind will get up too, so that's a bonus ,cant turn your back on that surely And i suppose you might as well chuck the towel in ,coz waste of space ,no need for it ,anybody that says its muddy and boggy must have a burst pipe somewhere ,the low that sparky was saying about (i know its still a way off )but even that's bounced over too far east where i though it might come down north sea ,give a swift northerly , but all we can hope for is all 67 pieces of our snow puzzle fall into place by mid Feb.,(cant see it but who knows ) if you thought we have been had over or staring down one ,the barrel is empty
  7. Definitely groundhog day, what a borefest, another disastrous winter. Yes im chucking the towel in, soz.
  8. We got to a highest temp of 2.3°C today. Met Office app for my village has absolutely no sun symbols for any part of any day up to and including next Monday. God. Its the gloom and the not getting properly light all day that gets me down, more than the temperature.
  9. One frustrating thing with how cold it is, the ground has cooled down nicely so if it snowed it’d lay nicely. Just a shame there’s nothing on the horizon as we’ve certainly “got the cold in first”.
  10. Cold and raw summed up today in Locksbottom.only reached 3.2 and grey skies made it feel pretty cold.Looks like getting milder now as week progresses and could hit 10 degrees by Saturday but sunshine will be in short supply sadly.Although boring weather for the SE this month it has been pretty chilly and we have had a fair few frosts so I think it will come out as a pretty average January temperature wise when all said and done.Still no sign of any snow in next two weeks unless the models flip(never happens when you want it to!).Unless the PV moves away from its current position think we are stuffed this winter.Still time but time is running out!
  11. This has to be one of the most tedious winters ever, I last watched a weather forecast just before Christmas, I swear it has been the same weather every day since then.
  12. Temp is 2c and I dont think its risen above 3c all day and the gloom continues. However, staying positive, at least its not raining and for those hoping for rain to liven things up, no thank you, its just and only just dry enough here to not be a mudfest everwhere. Im more than happy not to have rain for as long as possible, because when it rains, it will likely not stop for weeks on end.
  13. To be honest a day where the temperature remains around 3c would not make much of a dent in the CET (Below average day/above average night). To be honest I am longing for something to change, the sunny skies of the last couple of weeks (Currently running around 150% of the average for the whole month) were very pleasant, this however is pure drudgery.
  14. Afternoon all The slate grey overcast is one thing but it's really cold today. Only 3c currently in my part of east London and a real chill feel to the air. Winter isn't just about a few hours or days of snow and to be fair we've had a good number of frosts and days like today are well below the seasonal average if unexciting. As for the future, all I'll say is a) it hasn't happened yet and b) perfectly possible to get lowland snow to the end of March and just because one EC46 (and let's face it, it's performed really poorly this winter) says it'll be a mild end to winter everyone throws in the towel. My order of northern blocking is stills et for delivery from mid-April and who would put money on a cold and miserable Easter this year?
  15. Thanks, SH, but it wasn't me who had the Covid, it was my daughter's family; it went through all four of them one at a time. At least I haven't missed anything!
  16. Oh no, sorry to see it caught up with you - hope it wasn't too bad and you are feeling back to your usual self? Not a lot to report here weather wise. Cloudy, again. As it was for most of the weekend and again yesterday.... back to this winter's speciality Permagloom - it's yet another day of particularly poor quality light I'm not sure I've properly woken up this winter and beginning to feel like a dormouse. Currently 2°C and 86% humidity after an overnight low of 1.6°C. Wind WSW and 0.5mph... Pressure 1034.1hPa rising slowly. No rain has fallen since 11th January, with only 13.2mm recorded for the month.
  17. Morning all Checked the weather station this morning for how much rain has fallen this month... a meer 20mm! And most of that was on one day.. incredible for mid winter. GFS sorta hinting at a change but still to far away. We are slowly running out of time now for best winter conditions. By mid to end February I'm looking for early spring warmth and the first thunderstorms/hail showers.
  18. on as serious note though ,i did say years ago ..if the climate was say self levelling we wouldn't have a normal winter for years ,maybe hundreds ,people say we need cold in place and cold outbreaks ,but a leaky artic does no favours at all for us in long run , a strong polar vortex , and bottle that cold for future generations ,i could go with no snow , if it meant the artic didn't tip ,no one would be that selfish would they ?: -(

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