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The new home of SACRA (the Snow And Cold Ramping Association). Now in it's 12th year, this is the place to be if you're a snow fan!

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  2. Live Snow Updates for 24/11/2017

    Slightly jealous.... Just as my snow melts away folk further North are getting a top up this evening (Weds 13th Dec):
  3. Live Snow Updates for 24/11/2017

    It's great to see snow falling so heavily in Thurrock. Local weather forecasts keep on saying that the weather for my area is for heavy rain.
  4. Live Snow Updates for 24/11/2017

    Hammering it down in the Midlands, 7 to 8 cm for now with a fair few hours yet to come the totals should around the 15 20 cm
  5. https://www.netweather.tv/weather-forecasts/news/8611-weekend---most-snow-for-wales-central-england-on-sunday-as-nw-showers-fade
  6. More widespread risk for Sunday Central Britain
  7. The Winter 2017/18 snow ramping thread

    Well...... the 18z GFS is either hilariously wrong - or a harbinger of day-after-tomorrow conditions. According to the 18z GFS once Caroline has passed, I'm unlikely to see any days with a max temperature over 1C and there are more days where the temperature doesn't make it above freezing than there are days when it does. While there is no snow - having a max temperature of -3.6 at midday, does seem either insane or time to stock up on soup!
  8. The Winter 2017/18 snow ramping thread

    I am beginning to get very very very excited, here in Telford... ginfers are so frimly scorsed I can hardly type! A whole load of snow, NWerly, and then this walloping in on Sunday... It's all literally still *up in the air* of course, but I'm having a luvverly time following the charts!
  9. Areas looking most prone on forecast accumulations charts from Netweather Extra. This would be lying snow, other areas could see flurries, a dusting, or more - this is just a guide. East and SE Britain not likely
  10. Articles Snowflakes, White Christmas

    https://www.netweather.tv/weather-forecasts/news/8596-snow---flakes-observations-and-what-is-a-blizzard Part one - a look at Snowflake formation, Sleet, freezing rain. Also blowing, drifting snow and blizzard conditions. How to record snow fall.
  11. https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/warnings End of week colder air NW wind Scotland, N.Ireland Wales NW England, Midlands and SW England
  12. The Winter 2017/18 snow ramping thread

    The 'mist' will be the drifting snow, or more likely that your windows will be blocked up by the drifts.. However, at 1-2C, if we get this 'wet' snow it will cause absolute chaos with power lines and trees brought down. Its much better to have it at -1C, in that way it will be lighter, and will drift more. But not as damaging. In my experience from the past the temperature will fall below freezing as we draw in air from further north. Interesting if it does happen though? MIA
  13. The Winter 2017/18 snow ramping thread

    The Midlands are currently forecast on XC to have a foot of snow at nearly 80mph... oh, and "MIST" at 59mph, too...! (For some reason it insists on displaying it twice, sorry... hope that means we get twice the amount of snow! )
  14. Live Snow Updates for 24/11/2017

    Well today was Snovember in Canterbury for about 20 minutes, first snow of the season .. More to come ?
  15. Welcome to SACRA

    back on board, hope i'm not the kiss of death as last year it was all over about two weeks after i joined.
  16. Yellow Weather Warning For Snow

    You can't tell us you are going to get snow then post no pictures! lol
  17. The Winter 2017/18 snow ramping thread

    I look orward to lots of posts in here.
  18. Welcome to SACRA

    Hi all no we are not issuing numbers this year.
  19. Welcome to SACRA

    You've been a SACRA member since 2004?
  20. Welcome to SACRA

    Click on your username TOP RIGHT/account settings/signature.....When you've typed what you need to remember to SAVE
  21. Welcome to SACRA

    2 babies later and my brain has gone to mush permanantly! How do I do that? I've looked over my profile 3 times and still cant see how to edit that bit!
  22. Welcome to SACRA

    Yes just put it in your signature.....Just for fun :-)
  23. Welcome to SACRA

    Mines 007
  24. Welcome to SACRA

    Blimy i'll never remember this --- 1092067920--- I'll stick to 47 LOL!!
  25. Welcome to SACRA

    Make you own up
  26. Welcome to SACRA

    What is my number and how do I use it? :-D