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The new home of SACRA (the Snow And Cold Ramping Association). Now in it's 14th year, this is the place to be if you're a snow fan!
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  2. I have the urge to comment on this post ... on the hottest day of the year ... job done ...
  3. Finally saw some snow falling! Only took until the last day of March I suppose the positive way to look at it is, in another 4 months we’ll be talking about Synoptics for the coming winter!
  4. I would love some snow as long as it doesnt stay around for long.
  5. Everytime I come onto Netweather I see the SACRA thread at the top and it makes me disappointed with our snowlessness. I’m in two minds about snow this late in the game, I want to get some bits done in the garden but the coldie in me would love a bit of snow this week
  6. Well hello. I didnt think anybody would have been posting in here lol. Its my Birthday on 1st so maybe i might get an early birthday present
  7. Hey you have woke this thread up @lottiekent apart from the early season snowfall back in late Nov/early Dec 2021,...it has been tosh to say the least looking forwards to this late cold blast next week and hopefully some snow for our snow starved SACRA members
  8. I wonder if some of us might see some snow this week? Not quite the winter we were hoping for in the end sadly
  9. Early days for winter yet, I’m sure we’ll see something later on in the season!
  10. Hi all I should be on this list from years ago? Chance of snow in the frozen north on Sunday? John
  11. Yep nothing to see here. Move along lol. Maybe next year we might be lucky xxxx
  12. another garden path im afraid
  13. Welcome back mezza i am still lurking. Should have bumped this thread as theres something brewing for christmas. ❄
  14. Floatylite i travel to get snow fix whenever i can lol
  15. No. 73, i have not been here in years? Whos still alive? What ever happened to mr crazysnowfanzman? :D
  16. Love to go to the highest pub in Britain. Get snowed in Does anybody here actually travel to get there snow fix?
  17. Went out to a friend’s house at one of the highest parts of our wee town tonight, when I drove there the roads were black, came out two hours later and there was an inch of snow crunching under foot. Temperature currently 1.2c, DP -0.7c.
  18. We’ve had a wild night and here comes the snow……yay! It is very wet not the lovely powder stuff but it is still sniw
  19. Much colder in NE Scotland today with a raw feel to the air. Hatches are battened down for Arwen’s arrival and hopeful that lamppost watch will begin tomorrow night!
  20. Thank you, I hope that there will 0.4- and lower temperatures in South Ockendon.
  21. Welcome back wynn de woo. Let's hope we all see the odd flake this weekend. I am too far south to see it poss but am always up for a snow chase. Lol
  22. Hurray to see this group up and running again. Lets see if the weekend brings me any falling snow...Im too low level for it to stick but be nice to see some falling. I was/am member 210, so Im happy to keep that number!
  23. I am fairly certain with a bit of research one might be able to find a single run that forecasts snow for tomorrow for you
  24. I’m in Tenerife at the mo - really looking to some snow in Wales Friday night but not before I fly back Friday evening - I think it could be dodgy - but I wouldn’t want it any other way ! Roll on the SNOW !

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