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Sad News

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I found out tonight that my grandma, who was 99 last friday, passed away last night :unsure:

My dad's mother, she was soooooo lovely. A spirited woman but always had time for people :nonono:

I saw her just over a week ago when she saw Tilly-Bea for the first time. She was over the moon but still made a fuss of Milo to make sure he did not feel left out :nonono:

I'm sad I will not see her again but know that to be half the person she was would be a fantastic achievement

A toast - To my grandma, the most loving,down to earth person I have ever known <_<

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Aaaaw hun - Big Hugs for you. and three cheers for your gran, she sounds like she was a wonderful person :)

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Your gran sounds like she was an amazing lady. How lovely she got to see her new little great-grandaughter before she passed away, and that you and Milo saw her too.

Thinking of you with love

Sue xxxx

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sorry to hear your sad news Katie. How nice though that she was able to see Tilly-Bea.

Thinking of you xx

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Thanks all of you for you kind words :)

Been a bit of a rollercoaster of a week :doh: but I'm keeping my chin up :D

Health visitor comes tomorrow and I know she will ask how I am and hubbie's job (I let slip last week things were a bit iffy) so now I tell her the bad news but keep smiling and reassure her everything is ok with me ;)

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