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Night Out

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Well I was really brave last night and went out for a social night organised by the Nursery/Primary school PTA for the Mums.

It was ok, if a bit clickie (sp) with lots of well to do mothers who were wife to the Chief of police etc and sort of went quiet when I said that Little fella would not be going to Reception in September but his local school :blink: I peed a few mums off when they realised I'd had a baby less than 3 weeks ago and I was I darn site slimer than they were <_< (still size 12/14 but nicely proportioned :angry: )

Tilly-Bea was fantastic, she had a feed before I left at 7pm and did not stir until I woke her up at 11pm :blink: She then slept until 3am when daddy fed her with the bottle I prepared for her incase and slept until 8am when I had to seriously wake her up :blink:

Hubbie has finally finished plumbing in the bath (with a few choice expletives about the plumbing of the house :unsure: ) and Little fella & he christened the bath tonight :wub:

Little fella has his (belated) 4th birthday party tomorrow at at playarea tomorrow. I'm a bit concerned that there are mainly girls going :nonono: What age do you have sex education these days :nonono:

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