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I Predict A Riot! Da-da...

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Well, I'm now well into my thirties! haha, thanks for the birthday wishes :nonono:'I Predict a Riot!' - my moto for me thirties! (had a great sing a long to an acoustic version of that song on Saturday after blowing out the candles!)

It's not been so bad actually, after a sleepless night worrying about how I would feel it turned out ok and I feel strangely more confident, must have been some label (or perhaps a burden!) about being in twenties that has now been shaken off!

The sky was indeed beautiful on the evening of my birthday (17th), gorgeous dark pinky colour. Last night's sunset (18th) was also magnificent, ablazen with dramatic deep gold and orangey colours.

Such a shame I was so busy rushing home from work and couldn't get down to the sea to watch... (There is a lovely secluded little cafe right on the seafront close to me. It is an ideal sunset watching spot).. A spectacular sky is something that shouldn't be missed! Damn hectic lifestyles :unsure:

Must bring myself up to date and get a camera phone, n' say good bye to my old nokia 3330! poor thing <_<

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30 is just a number- it may seem numerically like a big change, but as far as the aging process is concerned, it's just one day out of a life that could potentially feature 36500 days.

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