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Oh F***

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Well, it's not totally unexpected but hubbie came home tonight to tell me he is now unemployed, made redundant, factory closed :nonono:

I had an expectation of it but after 9 years of working for the company it's still a little bit of a shock :blink: The annoying thing is that all pay, holiday pay is now paid at minimum wage rate :nonono:

I'm trying to be upbeat and look to the positive but I feel I am the only breadwinner at the mo :unsure:

I could get really annoyed and upset that we relocated (and have yet to get the £4K owed to us <_< ) I've told hubbie that I don't care if we re-locate to France or wherever :blink:

Look positive - at least I might get the bathroom sorted :blink:

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Blimey Katie, sorry to hear your news!! What a shock - especially like you say - relocating so hubby could continue working there.

I'm sure things will be sorted out soon and hubby finds another job - but thinking of you at this stressful time ((((hugs))))


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Thinking of you Katie. Real shock news and im sure its hard to deal with. Hope things work out for you hun.

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Oh Katie......so very sorry to hear your news. I know exactly how you feel as t'other half got made redundant twice in one year during the dot com crash....horrible!

BUT, as you say, maybe this is the chance to open a new door and do something fun? Hope so... :)

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Oh 'insert favourite expletive here' indeed.

Sorry to hear that Katie... chin up chuck... France sounds like a plan!

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Good luck Katie- must be a big shock.

It's certainly a time when it's worth trying some new things- but don't make too many rash decisions that may be regretted later.

Hopefully hubbie will find some kind of job shortly.

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Thanks for your kind words :)

Hubbie has gone for an interview this afternoon, so fingers crossed

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