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Poor Week, Just Got Better

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kentish maid


So my parents receievd a call about a week ago saying my nan was ill, and had been taken to hopsital. So off we packed out bags, me, my mum, my dad and my kid sis to go and stay with grandad in Norfolk. Anyone been to Hunstanton? well i did and the last time i went was a few years back. It didnt seem so bad then probably because i hadnt found alcohol and clubs (i know i am underage but who doesnt start underage these days lol) but boy was it a long week.

Now dont get me wrong, it was nice to spend time with my grandad, and to see my Nan, albeit not in the cicumstance i would have liked.

Luckily she got better and i have just returned home but it made me see how different the elderly live, no computers, minimal technology. I am not sure if it is just my grandparents or most older people find it difficult to embrace technology, i assume its just a mind boggling concept surfing the web, i'm not sure

Anyway I got back to College this week so now i have a permanent headache from all the studying and trying to get my head around various forms of equations and the like.

But its good to be back among my real and virtual friends so thanks to those who have picked me up with words of encouragement, it means a lot <_<

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