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Whats Been Going On In The Snow Raven Family?

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snow raven


Not a lot to be honest, hence hardly any blog entries for a while (well, 2 weeks <_< )

Had a very nice Christmas, New Year was poo, as I spent the chimes of Big Ben in tears. New Years Day was Emily's 5th Birthday - amazing how quick time flies :nonono: Em has been at school now for 4 months and is getting on really well with her reading and writing. (when of course she does something other than 'nothing' or 'I can't remember')

Myself? Well, this year, I am on a diet until I loose 3 stone. Feeling very unconfident in myself at the way I look and feel at the moment. I've never been a very confident person with myself, but I have hit an all time low in the past 3 months or so. Its actually getting to the point where I can honestly say I hate myself :nonono:

On a brighter note, we have booked this years holiday. We are going to the Isle of Wight - I love that Island, and theres so much for kids to do there. (which should suit Stu and Em down to the ground) :unsure:

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