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My Head...

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Had a lovely night out last night with friends to commiserate my impending 30th :nonono:

Got soooo drunk! <_< Had to leave the club an hour early, missed out on dancing time. th_5_5_138.gif

Was funny, earlier on I had arranged to meet everyone in a little old pub, didn't realise it is now a gay bar. A few of the friends that turned up were shocked and found it a little uncomfortable, the very reason we didn't go to a gay club, because of a few prudish friends :blink: (I had originally planned on going to the the Revenge - a fantastic gay club!).

We then went to an indie pub where a guy played acoustic Jam, Pistols etc. Had such a great time and a good dance!

Then on to a soul club that noone wanted to stay in - glad we had free tickets!

Next stop a cheesy meat market club which I only stayed in for an hour as toooo ill! :unsure:

A mixed up night, bit like me. :blink:

Not had such a bad hangover for years.... it was actually quite good going out to celebrate my 30th a few days before my birthday as I knew I was still in my twenties! cool :nonono:

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LOL Rose, that's one way to block the impending number from your mind :lol: .

You're not old!

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