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Got To Go Back To Work

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Hi all,

well I've just discovered the blogs so i'd thought I'd start one myself.

For those nosey enough to read this I've been very fortunate in that I've managed to take 4 yes 4 weeks off from work. This is through no fault of my own. I had religiously kept close check on how much leave I'd taken last year ( I took all of August off as well...he.he I don't like working in August. August is for sun, sea, to much ice cream and lazy days at the pub ) and resigned myself to working through most of Xmas and back to work straight into the new year.

Well there's the thing as I was submitting my last leave request the Admin lady said I had loads of time still to take and that I had to take it before the end of the year. After a lot 'no I haven't' and 'Yes you have' , I forced her to sit down and go through all my leave by hand.......which turned up an extra 8 days.

Lovely time off though :nonono: I'm really not looking forward to going back. My Darling wife has been getting up for work as usual and banging and clattering around at 6am ( i think its because its dark although unabridged jealousy shouldn't be ruled out).

Even the kids are back to school and little old me has been able to sit in doors and comtemplate shaving at some stage during my day. We( that's the royal WE) have made one sacrifice...with a lot of prompting form the missus...we've joined a gym and I've been everyday. I've even done some exercise there as well. <_<

Just to clear up one point..yes I am a cop..a Traffic cop at that, but after 22 years I've heard just about every form of abuse and couldn't give a monkeys what people think... role on retirement :unsure:

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