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Finally we have the house to ourselves :)

My mum came down to "help out" when I came out of hospital. She was waiting at the door when we got back :unsure:

I've always had 'issues' with my mum, who seems to take pleasure the negative side of life :nonono: I won't go into detail but she was not at all helpful and ended up winding me up to the point I had to leave the house a couple of times to calm down <_<

I managed to get her to go back home yesterday and all she did was complain to my brother that I would not let her help out :blink: :blink: :blink: (she didn't lift a finger :angry: ) It could have been worse, as she was intending to stay for 2 to 3 weeks I found out :nonono:

Anyway, she is no longer here and we can now concentrate on being a family and enjoying our children :)

We have decided that MiniLoo is to have the official name Matilda Phoebe but she is know to us a Tilly-Bea or Princess Tilly :wub:

She is pretty well behaved and when she gets rid of her "stork bites" on her eyes, I will post a piccie :)

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Your mum sounds like my nan.....but my nan is one for cleaning...everything has its place....she came round after each one of mine.and she had me whizzing the hoover round the day i got home after each of my c-sections.

i snapped after a few days after my third and she left.

same as when sky was born...she and gary had a falling out so i discharged myself 2 days after the section.


looking forward to seeing little un .

oh saw your newpaper thingy ...and your 20 miles away up the road.

take care


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Oooh am looking forward to piccies hun.

My friends two had stork marks but you don't notice cos they are soooo cute :D

I won't get started on mothers, well done on getting yours to go home though :D

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glad to hear you're getting a bit of time together as a family...and I LOVE the name! :D How cute is that? :D

And as for rellies, mothers, etc....run, RUN! :lol:

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Gorgeous name for a gorgeous little girl Katie :)

Don't worry about the 'stork bites' both of mine have them - it makes them extra special.

My health visitor calls stork bites over the eyes 'angel kisses' :wub:

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