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Big Brother....

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Now I happen to know my other half has syndicated my blog, so today I want to talk lots about him, just to wind him up! Hello Andrew, by the way!!! lolHe's only recently started working from home which has entailed the buying of a second computer, the total reorganisation of our small flat, and my acceptance of losing my home space, as it were...Apart from a few teething troubles we're getting along famously which is excellent, and it is wonderful that he no longer has to get up at the crack of dawn to commute into London...if nothing else, he seems a whole lot less stressed, which is great...So what's he working on: well, he's a web developer and he's in charge of the website for a new charity which will be launching in the near future called World Swim For Malaria. It's a fantastic venture, which aims to have 1 million people swimming all around the world on 3rd December 2005. 100% of the money will go to buy treated bed nets for Africa....What I love about this charity is that it's been set up by a few dedicated individuals who wanted to change something, and from the numbers of people and organisations already pledged to swim it looks as if it will really have an impact..........so keep your ears and eyes open...if you haven't heard about this charity yet, believe me, you soon will! :p

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