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Flat Land Andy's Goffer


Didn't realise it was so long since my last blog. Managed to finish the scout christmas post on 22.12.05 and so wasn't delivering cards on christmas eve as in previous years. Will make a note for the future that collecting in the boxes on 20.12.05 was a GOOD idea.

Well for the first time ever Adam was up and down the stairs on christmas eve and we had real trouble getting him to go to sleep. In all the years passed he has been in bed by 8.30pm and asleep straight away, but not this year for some reason. Mr D decided that he would teach him a lesson and the stocking that he had left under the tree was left empty, as Santa couldn't get to it because he was up and down the stairs so much!

Adam came down stairs at 4.30pm & then came back up to bed. He came into us at 6.30pm & we eventually got up at 7.15am. He came into the kitchen to me with misty eyes & said that Santa hadn't been and that he thought that Santa couldn't see his stocking as it was hidden under the tree near the chair. He said he didn't mind not having anything, but somehow I didn't believe him. :D I suggested that he might have taken them to his Uncle Chris' instead and so he started texting Chris to find out if they were there. :(

In the end, when Chris had arrived and he had no pressies for Adam, Mr D encouraged Adam to look elsewhere in the house as Santa couldn't get to the stocking in the lounge as he was up and down stairs so much. Adam eventally found his "other" stocking in the conservatory near the patio doors. Bless him he was so relieved!

He went to see his grandad on 26.12 as he refused to come on christmas day because he is "upset" with Mr D. I am a little concerned about this because it is little man that didn't get to see his only granddad on christmas day because they haven't sorted it out between themselves. Never mind Adam didn't seem too concerned because as far as he's concerned he had his most important relative with him and that is his Uncle Chris, so that is all that really matters.

27.12 and a 2hour journey to the next stage of Adam's walk. He was absolutelt full of cold and I was really concerned that he should even be attempting any distance at all, but he said "It's for charity Mum, I'm not dying it's just a cold". So he did 10 miles and then 7.5miles on 28.12.05. We came home on eve of 28.12.05 as it was his birthday on 29.12.05. We went to see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and for pizza for lunch and then set off at 8.00am on 30.12.05 for another two days of walking. He did really well on both days and has now reached just over half way 146 miles :) A proud mum or what!

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