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Who Loves The Snow?

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kentish maid


So i woke up and it was snowing this morning, big flakes, wet snow. it was beautiful but then it started raining :-( which wasnt so good

I went out and everyone seems friendlier when it snows. people actually talk to people, even other youngsters are fairly polite to one another (if they are not throwing snow balls up my head)

but one thing i noticed is the lack of elderly out when it snows. i just hope they have family that look after them cos when ever we get snow we always check on my great gran who is 82. sometimes we even have her over if we know it is gonna be bad. luckily she was staying with us this christmas so she didnt have to worry at all

is there a government service that makes sure the elderly are looked after in times like this? i know it shouldnt be down to the government but the community but as my nan and great gran often tell me there is no community anymore, which i think is sad

anyway i am pleased for those who cant get out during the cold that they can now do so but i look forward to the next snow, as long as everyone keeps an eye out on everyone else

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youre right about everyone seeming friendlier - i guess it just puts everyone in a good mood. adds something a bit special to the daily grind!!

but youre right about the elderly - my grandparents hate it. the thing is now about 'community' people only seem to help people they know, if you dont know someone most people seem to just ignore them. which is sad :(

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