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Merry Crimbo To U Al!!

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Hello all!! :D

I think this will be my last entry till after xmas so i thought i would say happy xmas!

Bad few days,i been poorly!!boohoo, and still feel like s*** this morning i really dont want to be ill for xmas but my luck aint changing, and now ive given it to my o/h so hes chuffed with me!!!! lol

Hope you are all ready for crimbo and all that, luckily i was organised this year and everything is done,i couldnt bear last min shopping now it would be so hectic!!

Im quite excited about xmas as mine starts tomo,down to my dads till late eve then my mums for crimbo day, then my mother in laws for boxing day!!(not so great lol)

Remember me talking about that terrible job and how i was being treated? well i quit on tues!! i had enuff,now i have got to find another one,ah i hate job hunting!! wish me luck! i know i did the rite thing mind you,my o/h said i should to,so i dont feel too bad!!

Well all's left to say is MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! :(:)

Have a really great time guys, and ill be back on after xmas,still blogging away!! lol


B x

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