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Thundery wintry showers


Well, it's coming up to the big day. Personally, I don't feel very "Christmassy" at the moment- it tends to be the case that I need there to be snow events shortly before Christmas in order to get me into the "Christmas spirit".

My house is currently a construction site because of a new extension that is being built into the back garden, making things a little awkward, although it should be worth it come next summer when our garden will be more conducive to sitting outside.

I will be meeting up with some of my old friends from junior school on Christmas Eve- most likely going to the local pub, and getting up to all kinds of daft stuff. However, as per usual, I plan to drink alcohol in moderation (if at all) and will hence not be hung over on Christmas Day- the last time I was hung over was back in October 2001! It will be interesting also to see what I get on Christmas Day.

Christmas Day will see my grandparents come over, and then there will be a large gathering of immediate family members (uncles, siblings etc) for Boxing Day tea, which usually provides the opportunity to see various cousins, aunties and uncles that I see, on average, a few times per year. Last year's meeting went exceptionally well so I have high hopes for this year's as well.

However, my immediate family aren't very "commitment intensive", nor do they buy into the "Christmas is family time, so you can't see your friends" malarky, and thankfully, nor do the immediate families of the friends that I currently hang out with these days. Thus, the traditional problem of my friends being unable to meet up with me because their families won't let them is unlikely to arise this year, which is another positive in my book.

Perhaps most interesting of all, for me, is the possibility of an easterly around the 27th-29th December. It is by no means set in stone, but if it was to come off, it would represent my first experience of a "sunshine-and-snow-showers" easterly in the North East since 31 December 1996.

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Have a good time Ian, it's always good to read your thoughts on life in general and particularly about the weather.

If you do have a few drinks on Saturday night drink a pint of water before bed and you should* be fine.

*Should : because this has worked on most occasions for me, however it didn't on Tuesday night :huh: .

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