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Starting Early!

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Went to the local playgroup with Little Fella yesterday and it was their Christmas Party. I knew one of the mums, who offered to look after little fella while I went to have my Vitamin B12 injection and nipped home to wrap a pressie for Santa to give to him.

When I returned 20 mins later he had his arm around some girl and she had her arm around him. They were inseparable all morning and were found in a cupboard together later :( Her mother was ok about it and has even invited us to come over for a coffee sometime over xmas.

Went to see the consultant in the afternoon and when she finally dug out my results of my kidney scan, decided that she did not like the look of it and wants to bring forward when Mervin is going to arrive :) They like to leave things as long as possible but I think it's going to be sooner than the original plan :D If things get really bad over xmas they will inject me with steriods and then........I don't want to think about it :(:)

Oh well, Merv will arrive whenever and so long as he's healthy, then I will be happy :(

Managed to get a carseat off one of the mums from my old childminder. It's a really good one and will save me £100 so I'm very happy. She didn't want any money for it so I've bought her a big tin of Quality Street to say thank you when we see her later in the week. I just hope we can get presents, carseat and children in the car on our return from up North later this week :)

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Awwww Katie.

hope you feel well soon :)

As for little merv coming along a little early im sure it wont be a problem.i had one of mine at 36 weeks only prob with him was a little jaundice and didnt have a proper sucking reflex.....he worked it out in a few days.

All the best

lozza xx

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