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Yeah, Woo Hoo!!!

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Hello all!!!!! :)

Hope you all had a good weekend,mine was great! went to my brothers on sat and got there about 2,we had a chinese in the evening and A FEW drinks haha :D i must admit i have not had so many as last nite in a while but it was great,we were chatting and having such a laugh! :)

My sister in law is great and i love my bro to bits,thats why im so glad about the news!!!!! YEH IM GOING TO BE AN AUNTIE AGAIN!!! :( im so excited i cant wait!! it was such a surprise, wasnt expecting that!

Im already a auntie to two little angels,two little girls,so hoping for a nephew this time!

So the weekend was fun and i loved spending time with them all,my o/h was a bit worse for wear this am,i had to look after him,haha!! it was after 12 stellas mind u!!

We had a fry up thou later on that soon sorted it! and on way home got a few bits of shopping,never again so close to crimbo! Nightmare!!

So all in all my w/end was great,and im so excited about xmas i cant wait,duno why really but iam!! I maybe quitting my job too,they r kinda taking the p*** out of me! im on absolutly terrible money which i believe to be under the minimum wage and i was cleaning on fri and they expect me to work weekends over xmas which isnt my hours,and expect me to do half six starts which again isnt my hours on reception which is not my job!!!! im an admin assistant i dont even know how reception runs so i think i may be jobless from next week!!

Nevermind,two people handed in their notices on fri and in 2 years,5 managers have quit!! dont say much for them!!

Anyway early nite,cos im sooo tired not really slept all weekend.

Hope your all well!?

Speak soon,

B xx

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