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Get Yourselves Inland Or Else!

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Thundery wintry showers


I would like to have an opportunity to take a photograph of proper snow using a digital camera. The last time I saw more than a few granules on the ground was on 26 February 2004- just before I got my first "digicam".

For there to be an opportunity for snow photography tomorrow, those showers drifting down the North Sea need to come inland early tomorrow morning. The GFS has it progged to happen at around 9am which is pretty ideal, but things can easily change. Another issue is that my camera's lens only half-retracted when the battery ran out, so hopefully it hasn't knacked the mechanism, which would in turn trigger those dreaded E18 errors.

Waiting with baited breath. If those showers in the North Sea were Weebl and Bob, I would be putting plenty of pie in my garden to entice them over.

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