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More Scans

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Yesterday had yet more scans. :D

This time I actually got to see the screen when they were looking at my kidney. My right kidney is now looking very swollen. I can't remember how bad the measurements were last time but my left kidney pelvis measurement is approx 5mm and the right is 40mm :)

The good news is that Merv seems to still be at least 2 weeks bigger than the dates, which makes him around 36 weeks. I have to see the specialist next Monday and hopefully they will have some sort of game plan as to what we are going to do next :)

I decided that I better go and get my hair cut just in case things happen a bit sooner than January :) For once I quite like it, it's a bit shorter than usual but much more practical with a busy time ahead.

I'm a bit cheesed off with the hospital stuff but I had bad news last night from someone which made me realise that I should be thankful for my lot, as someone else is not having a nice christmas this year :( (my thoughts are with them)

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