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Now I'm Really Starting....

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....to regret getting this blog: another thing that needs to be done!No, actually it's quite cathartic....scribbling down everything and geting it all outta me system!Well today's news is the sunspots look to be receding, Ellen MacArthur is well on the way to breaking the round the world record...and we have a beautiful sunny day here in Herts! So apart from the sun-spot, all is well!Went in to work in London today...usual joys of dealing with academics and students....but managed to achieve evrything I was supposed to eventually (why, when you give a grant closing date do people always send applications in the DAY AFTER???). But did see my wonderful squirrel in the garden this morning, which cheered me up! Secret, as we like to call him, is a clever little chap...he's work out if he hangs about under the window, eventually I will come along and throw some nuts out for him.....he learnt this trick over christmas when we had far too many cracking nuts in the house!.......but should you ever try this: stick to pecans and brazils as they find the shells on walnuts and almonds too tough to deal with, unless you crack them for them!!!Oh well, back to work.... :p

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