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A Letter To Father Christmas

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snow raven


By Mini Raven:

Dear Father Christmas

My name is Emily, and I am 4. I would like everything (this was erased as I didnt want Father Christmas to think Emily was greedy)

I would like a bratz doll, Barbie doll and a slide. Also a sleigh for snow and Baby Jesus. And a snow shaker with Barbie inside. And a baby doll so I can bath her and a new callender and a castle. A princess doll and a bike.

Lots of Love

Emily xxxx


They really are the cutest things at this age - I can't wait to show her the letter when she is older :D Bless her - the Baby Jesus bit did bring a smile to my face!

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aaaw thats so cute :wub:

My Emily is just getting into Barbie and everything has to be pink (even better if its glittery as well) lol

I'm actually starting to get excited about christmas (well, bits of it anyway)


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Awww.....bless :wub:

Little fella is getting very excited about xmas but doesn't want to wait until christmas day to open his presents - can't think were he gets his impatience from :whistling:

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