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Getting Ready For Tomorrow

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Flat land Andy


This week has been quiet at work, things seem to be slowing down ready for christmas. Wifey helps with the village christmas post, each year we put 3 post boxes in the local shops in the village. People can post their christmas cards in the boxes for at least 5p each and the parents and explorer scouts deliver the cards. Last year we raised £120 for the scout group(beavers, cubs, scouts and explorer scouts).

Tomorrow we will be starting the 6th stage of the Macmillan Way, we will be starting from Braybrooke to ? On Tuesday Adam managed to shut his foot in the car door, to be on the safe side we took Adam to A&E. The doctor said Adam only had soft tissue damage and prescribed limping, resting, elevation of the foot no football, but light exercise. Things are looking good. Adam is walking well and is very keen to walk, so the answer to how far we are walking is hopefully 15 miles to Teeton. Adam will be carring a light bag, a walking pole and as soon as he shows any signs of discomfort we will stop. The weather for tomorrow is good and the paths seem to be along a disused railway and tracks, so not to many ploughed fields.

If you would like to find out why my 9yr old son is walking 290 miles along the Macmillan Way visit our website www.dodsonchallenges.co.uk

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