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Can't Sleep

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Unfortunately Merv is a bit of a night owl and keeps practicing Kick Boxing :) The last 2 nights I've been lucky to get 3 hours sleep :)

My Glucose tolerance test came back as normal range but I'm still waiting on blood tests for abnormal red blood cells, liver function etc :D Then it's another ultrasound on Monday. Oh well, at least they are looking after me :)

Officially I have 6/7 weeks left until D-day but the growth scan showed that Merv is at least 2 weeks bigger than he should be and the Midwife measures 3 weeks bigger, so I'm keeping prepared for early arrivals :(

Having had an awful labour last time I am keen to try to be a bit more active this time. I quite like the idea of a water birth but the hospital only has one pool so I don't want to get my hopes up only to find out that it's busy when I get there :) I must also admit to liking the idea of an epidural, I don't like pain and don't feel the need to prove anything this time :unsure:

Need to make a list of baby things I need to get. Dispite having had a child already, we seem to be lacking in basics like a baby car seat, cot etc :D (hubbie was a bit ruthless in the move :) )

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