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Gosh And Glue....

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Well what a week we've had so far, but it's all been well worth it!

Monday, we arrive at Great Ormond Street, where they immediately gave Smellie a set of blood tests, then we met the SHO and the assistant anaesthetist, before being left to our own devices...

As she was first on the list the next day, I was able to give her her a last feed at 4am before leaving her to Nil By Mouth for the next four hours...this I was dreading as she generally comfort feeds, and I really didn't want her too upset even before she had the op...anyway, I was saved this terrible outcome by a lovely nurse who suggested that I give her a little glucose water because it knocks them out...

How right she was: within 1/2 hour Nellie was out like a light and continued to sleep until 8am when I cuddled her up in a blanket and, still snoozing, carried her down to theatre.

The anaethtist (lovely man.....very reassuring: apparently she is big compared to the babies they usually deal with!) let me hold her hand whilst he put her under, and she barely woke up before she was in the land of zizz again....

After a little kiss and a big sob from mummy and daddy roo we left the room and let her go in, and after 1 1/2 hour we were called to come down to recovery where a little snoozy and croaky baby was a bit subdued, but perfectly happy and well!! :unsure: :D We were allowed to give her a big cuddle while they finished off the tests, and then her dad carried her back up to the ward where she had a big feed and then slept for the rest of the afternoon....

The surgery that they did has been done amazingly well, and she only has 5 tiny keyhole scars, less than about 5mm each (four for instruments and one for a camera, apparently!) and because they used skin glue to close with, she hasn't even got any dressings on the wounds!

Since it's been done she's been absolutely fine, and hasn't shown any signs of pain...have been giving her a quarter dose of Calpol just in case, but she is really A-OK....we think she must have been in quite a bit of discomfort before, as what we assumed to be colic has now utterly vanished, and she's even more calm than she usually is: she's even started gurgling and fidgeting away in her crib on her own :(:):)

I can't praise GOSH highly enough....from the medical through to the pastoral care they were absolutely marvellous, and went above and beyond the call of duty to be helpful, reassuring and just plain kind.....and whoever said the NHS was a waste of space, eh???

I am such a happy Roo :):):D

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Great news Roo!!

Imagine calling your baby Smellie though! :lol:

(Cut down on the baby beans)

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:) That's great.

A close friends baby has been very unwell recently with several bugs, both her mum and dad are suffering with her too. Thankfully she's recovering. I know more now how you'll be feeling Roo, although of course my feelings as a friend are nothing compared to being the baby's parent.

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Glad to hear MiniRoo is ok

GOSH is a fantastic hospital from all the reports I've heard. They may not be too good at balancing the books but who cares. What is most important is the care, which thankfully you have experienced :)

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I'm so pleased all went OK Roo. Cant even imagine how you and Mr Roo felt waiting during the op, no matter how straight forward it was xx

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