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Getting There?

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Well the house is starting to look more like our own :D

We have painted the top half of the kitchen/dinning room and the sitting room. Hubbie has spent most of the day cursing and banging getting our oh so sexy silver and shiny black shelving system up :)

Little fella has been chucked into Mervin/spare room, so I can paint his room before the new carpets arrive

We went to the Maternity unit today for a guided tour to find nobody there :D:) Eventually a kind midwife offered to give us a quick look around. It seems very nice :) As we left we bumped into a group of 20 odd people on "the tour". Where on earth these people had been hiding is a mistery :unsure:

Hey ho, off back there again tomorrow for a Glucose tollerance test :( Over 3 hours of sitting around having blood extracted, being forced to drink tons of yukkie stuff :)

My quest for the week is to find a large white teeshirt for little fella and some black fabric paint so he can be a cow in the Nativity play :)

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