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Snowed In

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Well what a day!

Put GMTV on at 6am to hear the words snow on the Peak District today. Looked out the window to NOTHING, but icy windowscreen.

Anyway got to work for 730, and thought nothing of it, other than, a long Monday ahead. Then I got the call that changed the day.

"Phil it's me, you'd better come home, it's snowing badly". Thanks Daz i thought. And to be honest, the roads out of Rotherham were clear. Started thinking dark thoughts like "idiot getting me home, theres no snow". But as I went through Stocksbridge (snowy roofs) Midhopestones (snow on the walls) and onto the Woodhead Pass, I thought, "OK it's not good, but nothing to give me problems".

Then I got on the road to Glossop and home. I have never been so scared in my life, so much snow, lorry nearly going into me, no grip, anything. After 6 nasty/near misses, I abandoned the car at the end of the road and walked home.

"Told you it was bad", was Daz's comment. My thought was to grab the malt whiskey I was keeping for Xmas. Drank 2 rather large glasses, to stop the shaking (not just the cold). Had brought some work home did that in an hour :D:D , and took the dogs out for a walk.

Took the following photos hope you enjoy them. As for work tomorrow. With 4 inches of lying snow and -4c for tonight, I won't be going in early..........

Enjoy the snow if you've got it.

P :unsure:

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