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Hair dye is really nasty stuff.

Had an evening in last night - and got down to bleaching and dyeing my hair for the first time in about 6 weeks (you should have seen the roots). The bleach I made up was same as usual - and left it on for about 20mins. But it bloody stung so much - it felt like my head was under the grill.

Then it was time for the red dye. Have decided to try out a new brand and colour - 'Stargaze' and it's a sort of maroon (Jambo's red for the footy fans). Well, it got everywhere - my fella dropped the comb on the laminate flooring - red stain. Bathroom - stained the enamel red, and splashed on the paintwork and knackered a towel. The taps are red, the hose thing that links to the taps is red and as I type my hands and under my nails are still - wait for it - red.

And then this morning - I wanted to die in a completely different way:

My camper van has been off the road for about 5 weeks. It was doing fine - and the last time I used it was to go and fetch a huge plant from a friend's house to take to work and pop into our Conference Room - as it is too big for the flat and the room here at work could really do with brightening up. But then suddenly it wouldn't start the next morning, and it seems to have dropped an alarming amount of oil onto the tarmac.

Anyway, for 5 weeks this poor plant and poor van have been stuck outside on the scheme (estate) car park - sitting in the forst and being buffeted (personally I like a good buff) by the weather.

So, the road tax reminders arrives and we chatted in the house last week about how we resented paying road tax and not having an operational vehicle. So I resolved to go to normal garage and see if the mechanic wouldn't mind popping down to the flat to see what's going on. And this morning he duly arrived at 9.15.

So, we turns the key - it turns over very nicely, but simply won't start. Looks at thte oil level - surprisingly fine. Sprays WD40 on the points, starter etc. - still won't start. And then he asks me - is there any petrol in it?

It was at this point I wanted the ground to swallow me up and for everything to rewind 5 weeks - indeed that Life Restore tool would have been very handy. So he goes away to get some new points (it might be them apparently - although I think he said that out of kindness) and also get a fivers worth of unleaded...

Looking on the bright side, at least my van should be working again very soon.

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I think FP has summed the petrol incident up nicely! :lol:

As for the hair dye - I did the same thing to my mum and dads lovely white bath when I was changing my hair colour every other week. I found Jiff (or Cif?) did the trick!

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