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Deadlines, Parties And Sunshine

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Thundery wintry showers


I had two projects to hand in on the 18th November- one of which was a Project Proposal for studying convective cloud initiation (a bit technical I'm afraid, but very much down one of my main interest areas)

Went to a couple of parties the last couple of days. I nearly didn't go to either of them because it was difficult to find where they were, but Friday's was particularly good once I got there. I saw some of the people connected to those on my course- close friends, sisters, boyfriends etc and got on generally with them. It also helped that some of the pubs were open until late so I didn't have to leave until 0:30am (well it was either that or go to a nightclub) Hangovers? No way, I don't drink anywhere near enough alcohol- I consumed one Bacardi Breezer and one Vodka & Orange, and that was my lot for the last two nights!

One thing about Leeds is that they seem to put out burger stalls at early hours in the morning. I have been tempted twice so far, including the night of the 18th/19th.

I may have sung Lancaster's praises in previous years, but I have to say that for me, so far Leeds appears to be considerably better in almost every area of consideration.

And now onto the sunshine. My main associations with November are anticyclonic gloom and mild damp windy weather, so to have six days on the trot of non-stop sunshine is almost surreal. I may not be a SAD sufferer, but there's no doubt that I tend to feel much happier and more contented with life when the sun is frequently shining.

I remember November 1996 and early November 2001 being quite sunny where I was at the time, but nothing like what we have now. It's not beyond the realms of possibility that parts of NE England might have more than twice the amount of sunshine they had in October.

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Glad you are liking Leeds, it's supposed to be a pretty good place for night action, especially if you are a student :drunk:

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