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Bad Herons!!!!!!!!

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Damn heron have been doing a little fishing in my pond over this week,from near on 50 fish im down to a mere 20ish. still got my kio and big ghost carp tho,so thats good.i really thought they migrated....seems not. :unsure: :D

went to asdas the other day where sky-anne promptly informed me she must have hat,scarf and gloves now as its winter...Girls!!!!!!!!!!! she is soooo different from the boys her every request must be kept and honoured as far as she is concerned.....lol shes nearly 7 well jan 7th.she loves the frosty morning where this morning i caught her armed with her jim-jams on,hat,scarf and snow boots.....what a sight that was :D:( .

nice seeing frosty spider webs to was loads on the pond filter box..so showed sky them...who was amazed.

other than that not alot else going on in the house....normal family life...pulling the boys apart in fights ect...falling over shamus(dog)..let the rabbit in to warm his ears up...lol...(thats a ritual of mine)

ohhhh its my 6th wedding anniversary today as well...but been with gary for 10 years.not doing alot as were saving for christmas.

hey ho


just to add can anyone point me in the right direction to find out how high purton,swindon is above sea level.....been trying to search but to no avail

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