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Frosty Accidents And The Damned Dangerous........

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Sums up my day. There was a bad accident last night on the Woodhead Pass and one this morning on the Snake Pass. You could see all the flashing blue lights from tescos car park at 630 this morning.

I decided to take it really slowly on the back roads, but of course some plank decided that 30 mph on an icy road wasn't fast enough. So he over took me. Plonker I thought (you know the real word I thought). Get around the next corner only to find the Vauxhall Vectra half in the wall, half on the road. Got out, warning triangle out, ran police and check the guy out. He was fine, think it was the shock for me, but i swore at this guy so badly. not a nice thing to do, but he was so lucky to escape with this life. IF he'd spun theo the other way he'd have gone down a 100 ft sheer drop and certain death.

Anyway quick trip to Rothy Police station for my statement this lunchtime (Glossop police said that would be fine), but summed the day up. Poo from the start.

Ah well Friday= wine. And Gin. BOY DO I NEED IT! :unsure: :D

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Ah but you didn't go into the wall, it was the prat who overtook you :doh:

Enjoy your wine :p

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