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It is quite cold at mo!! first time i had to keep heating on in the day yest!! and what a cold night,when we were out last night at only 7.30pm it was 1 degrees!! :D

Anyway,talking of being out last night myself and my o/h rushed down to plymouth at 5 pm to look at a car for me to start my learning off instead of his plumbing van!! omg i forgot about the major roadworks on the a38 that was a nightmare!!!

We saw it on ebay and saw it was also in the autotrader,we thought we could get a bargain seen as it was on quite low on ebay,after a few emails,we eventually arranged to look at it!

What a wasted journey!haha,it was in a state im glad i did not bid on it,it has out me off the idea of bidding on cars before seeing them!

It had a front light out,it had a bald tyre,there were lots of scrapes and dents on it which were very prominent,bearing in mind it was dark and we were looking over it with a torch!! also i noticed the passenger lock was knackered someone had obviously tried breaking in,and also the electric windows were broken,you couldnt shut them!! :( so good for air conditioning but not so good security wise!! :(:rolleyes:

I wondered why the windows were open before we looked at it,they didnt even wash it and omg the sound of the engine was terrible it sounded like it should have been a diesel not petrol!!

Anyway ho hum, im sure we will find one sometime!!been looking a while!

Apart from that we got in fairly late and i had to cook tea which i didnt really feel like.

so as for today im going to decorate our bedroom,we moved into a new house 3 months ago and its good as it was a new build so all decorated, but i cant stand every room magnolia!! so our bedroom is getting a splash of colour and im afraid its going to be a colour more for me!!! a clue is my username!!!!!! :D:(:);)

Dont say you feel sorry for my o/h he said i could! :(

OK off to get on with it now! hope i dont ruin the carpets!

Take care guys and keep warm.

B xx

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