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So it's been a while since the last entry - and the reason for this is work.

Have been so busy - it's unbelieveable - even been coming in for 9am on the dot :( and not leaving til 6pm or even 7pm in the evening. Even taking work home. Now I know that many folk working in 'proper' jobs in the private sector or running their own business will scoff. However, I chose a career (well a job) in the Voluntary Sector, working for a local charity, and one of the drivers behind this decision was the work/life balance, to give it its trendy hip name. But oh no - not any more.

Don't get me wrong I'm not complaining though. I love my job, think it is very worthwhile and see the end result in the local community; it's just that the last couple of weeks have come as a bit of a shock to the system.

The other main reason for the unaccostomed busyness has been the 11 birthdays to celebrate amongst friends in Edinburgh since the middle of Septmeber. Not a week has past when school night drinking in the pub has been required - or a proper weekend session, that requires four recovery days afterwards. But at least this has now come to an end and people seem to actually want to stay in and save money - probably for xmas.

Am thinking about decorating at the weekend. Our bathroom needs a touch-up. It's a lovely bright yellow atm, but what with a couple of years of hair dye splashes and various other bits and pieces staining the paintwork - it really could do with a refresh. I'm thinking light blue. My partner, howveer scoffs at the very idea of blue - but doesn't seem to have another suggestion. I shall put money on me getting my own way. Fiver anyone? :(:D

Moan of the month however, has to be Lothian Buses. I get the fabled No7 cross-city route to work every day - and they're quite frequent at 10 min intervals. So how come on every occasion in the last two weeks have I had to stand for at a minimum of 22mins (27mins being the record) in the cold, at 8.30am for one to turn up? This morning - 3 (three!!!) came together. And it's always the day when I have to get to work at a certain time to discharge a phone call/meeting/setting something up etc... :D

Tum tee tum.... :rolleyes:

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