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We've Moved !!!

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Well we have finally moved from North to South (well South West)

The move itself was fairly straight forward. I was the only person who managed to break anything (a nice but fairly cheap vase) :D

Moving into the new house was a bit depressing :( Having only seen it once back in September I had managed to gloss over it's bad points. Plus the previous owners had not exactly 'made good' any thing that they had removed.

The carpet in the sitting room is soooooooooooo disgusting that I would not even go in until the floor was covered with dust sheets to make it look better :( It looks a lot better now we have covered it with a big rug and I am sorting out new carpets being fitting in a week or so :)

Hopefully a chap is coming this afternoon to put up an airial so we can watch TV rather than snow on the telly ;) and with a bit of cheek I managed to accost a BT engineer yesterday to fix our phone line which should have been working last Tuesday but they were going to fix NEXT Monday :D

The worst part about the move was that my mother stayed with us from Wednesday until Sunday :( She's never actually stayed with us before and was checking out the area so she can also move down here (I thought I had put a bit of distance between me and her :) ) Then my eldest brother came down from Birmingham to help her have a look at some houses in Stroud on Saturday and between them they just slagged the house off :) They are both quite loud and like to put things down to make themselves feel better :(

I started feeling like Mr Quiet in the Mr Men story, living in Loudland and being very unhappy. Thankfully they all went and it's back to relative Quietland now :)

Little fella loves his new school and has settled in fantastically. It's a very well respected Catholic school (I keep quiet about our lack of beliefs :rolleyes: )

Overall, I quite like the Cotswolds, very pretty with lots to do but I feel I will always miss the North York Moors

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Moving house is always a wrench, especially when moving so far. When you have the house as you want it and have settled you will soon find you feet.

Chin your chin up hun and all the best.

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Hey Katie...

Glad to hear you have arrived safely, and don't worry about a thing....give it a week or two (and some new carpets!) and I'm sure it'll feel like a comfy new home...

And as for family....smile sweetly.......and barricade the door when they leave! :D

Take it easy lovey, and don't forget to get some Katie time in amongst all the chaos

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Katie hun, you're here.......................Horrid carpets mine was the same but the landlord won't change or even clean them yuck..........When you are up to it PM me and we can get together for a coffee.Don't forget to come to the Victorian Evening shopping market on Friday 2nd December. Lights on the tree in the river ceremony at 6pm.I'd love to meet you and mini family.You'll find me in full Victorian costume (can't breath!!) at the Motor museum for the schools Tombola stall.Glad you're here safely and noisy rellies have gone back ooop norf.Toorey xxxxxxxxx

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