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Baby Maths....

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Well little mini-roo is still doing well (she's lost a little bit of weight but apparently that's normal for little babies) and at long last the jaundice is going :(:D:D

Also it looks as if she's going to be a little red head (which is odd seeing as her dad and I both have dark hair....I blame my dad, who's ginger! :(:( )...she's got very fair skin and a little shock of auburn hair: I think she's going to be a real little english rose :(

Another interesting fact we have discovered is that two Ellens equal one Phoebe. I guess I had better explain...

Mr Roo's sister had her baby last week, and that sprog is exactly twice the weight of Ellie and is called Phoebe. Now, that's hardly statistical, I hear you say, but the maths has been proved as my friend's cat, who is also called Phoebe, is also twice the weight of Ellen.....

.....sooooooooo we are pleased to announce to the world that it's official and as Einstein would have said: 2E = P

Can you tell I'm not getting much sleep.....? :rolleyes:

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I was 11 stone lighter than my father when i was born, 2 stone lighter than my older brother, my pet dog at the time (although i was newly born and can't remember a thing) was apparently 4 stone..so going by your equation and using bog-standard Pythagorean Theorem :blink: I work out that one Mondy is equal to absolutely nothing :huh: :doh:

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