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Day 2!

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Well, today is a bit of a write off! After spending most of yesterday copying and pasting things into a database, I made a break for freedom to my book group last night...now I know most people think these sorts of things are packed with worthy types and women of a certain age, but believe me, if you've seen the Reading Group on C4 that is far more like my group....we meet in the local bookshop, have two hours chat about the book until the conversation degenerates into chat about films, stupid jokes and finally an 'if the book we have been discussing tonight were made into a film, who would you get to play the lead role?', to which the answer is always: Johnny Depp! But then again out of 15 of us, there are only three men and so that's hardly a surprise...after that we usually head to the nearest pub (I forgot to mention that we each bring a bottle of wine to drink while we are discussing the book) and then at about midnight we all finally head home, each clutching a bag of chips........hence today is a bit of a write off! :p decision on the book: wouldn't read it if I was you! and believe me, you need to know no more than that...

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