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Massage Course ...

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Hmmmmmm fish n chips ... the smell ... the taste ... the crunch of the batter ... oh hello your reading my blog - sorry I was lost in taste there. Havent wrote in a while. Life has been busy as always. I have started a new course at college on Monday evenings. Doing a introductionary course in Aromatherpy. I am really really enjoying it and have even made a friend ...yes I know I only have 1 other friend ... my hamster ...

Any ways the first week we did hand massages - complex blighters! I learnt about camomille, lavander, and something else oil. This week we did arm, chest and neck/top of back massages. And we learnt about tea tree, bergamot and something else oil. Yes I know I can't remember but I can't be bothered to look the other 2 up.

I was even suprised to see 2 men on our course. I am now trying to persuade Daniel without much luck to do a couples massage course.

I am busy at work and loving it because my manager is in Florida for 2 weeks.

We had a good weekend at Daniels parents for bonfire night but now im left with all the washing!! Speaking off which must go and put some on now ... blog-1583-1131564399_thumb.gif

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yes I know I only have 1 other friend ... my hamster ...


Glad things are going well Beka :-).

Told you courses aren't scary.

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