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Halloween And Fireworks

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Thundery wintry showers


Had quite a hectic week this week.

On the work front, I had to sort out my project for my MRes course- am doing investigations into a convective cloud initiation project. This will hopefully be relevant to my interests as convective clouds have always been a major fascination area.

The Atmospheric Science Away Day on Tuesday was good- if a little bit intensive, it is hard to maintain concentration through 3 hours at a time of talks! Also had a good party on Wedensday evening with the Tenpin Bowling Society- I brought a Halloween mask and scared the pants off a few people, and was the only one to bring a mask. Also improved my score this week- 294 in 3 games, so I am back to my usual standard of about 100 per game. Now to break 300 in 3 games! Also saw Man Utd vs Lille- a rather disappointing game in which they lost 1-0 and, IMO, never really looked like scoring. What on earth has happened to the Mancs, they'll be lucky to get in the Champions League again at this rate!

Some students were talking about snowfalls in Leeds during February 2005, including one day when there was a large amount and there were some large scale snowball fights. So it does snow here, although I am reliably told that it snows rather less here than it does in Sheffield. Whereas during my Lancaster years I wasn't too fussed on easterlies, I would be all up for a good 'Siberian' blast this year, provided that it brought snow showers rather than days of dull dry stratocumulus dross and temperatures between 2 and 5C the whole time.

There were a couple of impressive firework displays in Leeds last night. I just don't grow out of things like that- many of my posts on the forum may appear serious, but in reality the inner child still lives on. Probably the best displays I have ever seen with a great variety- and free, too.

The main difference between Leeds and Lancaster continues to be the social side. As I have lamented about before, traditionally friendships have been hard to make and even harder to keep, but it doesn't seem like that in Leeds- I have found it remarkably easy to make friends here, and so far, there haven't been any problems with 'friends' showing themselves to be unreliable, or 'true' friendships being prised apart by possessive and jealous outsiders. Long may this continue, please! :rolleyes:

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