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well today I had the honour of being able to witness another nellie first: her umbilical cord stump falling off...and what a blurghy thing that was...but thank god it's gone, as everything looks so much dryer and nicer now without this bit of flesh hanging off her (sorry for the gory detail, but to a sleep deprived and baby bluesy mum like me, it really was not very nice at all!).

Anyway, apart from that all is good in the land of Roo...the little scrapper still hasn't worked out that nighttime is for sleeping, and wakes me every hour for a feed, but both of us are now well practised at getting up at 4am and traipsing downstairs to watch News 24 while we snooze on the sofa.

Have been leaving her nappy off for a couple of hours each day, so she gets a good airing and has room to kick (she loves being able to wiggle her legs about lots). Has given us hours of enjoyment as she gets herself into all kinds of contortions.

Midwife visits again tomorrow so will find out more about how she's doing (last time she had her Guthrie Test and hardly blinked when she got jabbed...she's also back up to her birthweight which is good to know...)

Anyway, enough of my baby jabber

Talk soon

Still a very proud Mummy Roo :rolleyes:

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Ollie cord fell off into a poo'y nappy !! Did you keep it ??

Nice to know Im not the only person awake in the dead of night. LOL.

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