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The Pumpkin...

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Well little nellie is one week old, and what a week it's been.

She is such a contented and funny little baby and has a massive range of facial expressions to keep me and Mr Roo amused with. She also hasn't been told what she's supposed to do as a newborn, and has been able to hold her head up (very unnerving when she did it for the first few times) since she was two days old. She has also worked out that whatever is within grasp of her hands (she has really long fingers like her dad) can be pulled into her mouth at the slightest touch. So far her favourite is sucking the ends of her sleeep suits.

We finally managed to get into town to buy her some outfits that actually fit her (the 0-3 month ones swamped her and left her legs dangling in 4 inches of excess material! :o :o :p ). Yesterday we took her for her first proper outing into town, where she was much admired. :D

So why the title pumpkin? Well as with many little and early newborns, she's a touch jaundiced at the moment, which seems utterly appropriate for halloween..... :o ;);) Good job mummy is not so nasty as to paint a jagged smile on her face, eh????

On second thoughts, maybe it'd stop the trick or treaters in their tracks when they come a' calling....hmmmmmmm.... :(:) :lol: :):)

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Little fella had slight jaundice when he was born, he looked like he had got a dodgy fake tan :lol:

You will constantly be amazed by the smallest little things she can do and bore that pants off all who dare to listen - welcome to being a proud parent ;)

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