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May 2005 Weather Summary

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Just to complicate things, I spent this month in Lancaster!May 2005 began with some remarkable convective storms. I was woken up at 7:30am on the 1st by a thunderstorm (if there's one thing I don't mind being woken up by, it has to be thunderstorms) then the 2nd featured some extremely high intensity convective storms. I spent much of that day outside tracking the cumulonimbus cells around Lancaster.The next few days weren't particularly memorable, then a cold north-westerly spell dominated the 7th-10th. Lancaster missed a lot of the showers- it seems that Morecambe Bay doesn't pick up much convection in late spring and summer, generally speaking, when NW winds blow. Then we had a week of dry sunny weather around midmonth, and although it was quite cool for the time of year, it felt warm in the sun.The final third of the month featured some more big convective storms- May 2005 has to stand as one of the most 'convective' months I experienced during my three years in Lancaster. The 21st and 22nd featured some massive downpours, with a notable thunderstorm on the 22nd- and with strong sunshine in between. Unfortunately the last few days were quite dull and damp.Statistically, May 2005 in Lancaster was a sunny month with near average temperatures.Many people saw May 2005 as quite a drab month (and are, of course, fully entitled to their opinions!) but I quite enjoyed it. It averaged 63% on my rating system.Overall, Spring 2005 featured some remarkable temperature contrasts, but the day-to-day weather wasn't really that memorable in Lancaster and Tyne & Wear.

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