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So, I had to clean half the house tonight as 'we have got visitors at the weekend'. The thing is, knowing my pals, it will be a complete state within an hour of their arrival, so if I had my way we would do it on Monday. But I do as I'm told! :o Sweating now.Went shopping to ASDA and spent £50 on Hallowe'en decorations for my joint birthday party in a local pub's function 'hall' on Saturday night. They've got some amazing gear and so cheap - all made in China mind. You can buy these plastic see-through sheets to hang from walls that have blood goo inside that slowly trickles down - amazing and a wee bit trippy! So that should be good in UV with a punk rock karaoke and the cider flowing! :lol: :p Got college tomorrow - doing a 'Management Course'. LOL. I think if you can string a sentence together you'd pass. But work's paying for it and it means a day away from my never ceasing workload - so can't complain too much.Bring me a microphone and some Strongbow!

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I was looking at the hallowe'en stuff in Tesco the other day - might have to make a visit to Asda - those plastic blood sheets sound really cool!

Enjoy college :)

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