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How many blogs :lol: I look forward to have more to read (I'm just a nosey c** really :D )We were mad and went to Ikea yesterday. Not to buy but to have a look at bathrooms etc for the new house. Also went to return some Maternity trousers to Next. They were the below the bump type, which is good as they don't irritate my op scar but gave me a lovely Builder's bum look :( Bought a baby monitor, bit early but we are staying in a country pub for a couple of nights next week and I thought we could monitor little fella not going to sleep :o :o We thought we would splash out and buy a digital one, as the previous one used to sound like Luke Skywalker and Darth Vadar having a fight everytime you moved about ;) It has a talk back facility but I don't think we will use that. It's a bit scary to have a disembodied voice talking to you in your bedroom e.g. one very scared 3 year old saying "why is daddy talking through the carpet" ;) We it truely chucked it down last night which is a bit of a pity, as we wanted to clear some leaves from the lawn :p So what's in store for today? Packing and tidying the house up a bit :o

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