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Parents Evening

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Had Mini-R's first parent evening tonight. She has 2 teachers who do job share (Mrs O'Flynn Mon-Wed and Mrs Stewart Thurs/Fri) Mrs O'Flynn is the typical lovely Primary School teacher, but Mrs Stewart has the ability to scare me 16 years after leaving Primary School!Little'un is doing very well at school, and isn't causing any concern. They are really pleased with her progress. They said she is a very happy child, always happy and smilling.... obviously she must save her 'moments' for when she is at home :lol: I was half expecting the teachers to tell us she did 'nothing' and played with 'no-one' as thats the normal standard answer when she gets home :p But I must say - another proud parent moment. I love her to bits! :o

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Hey that's brilliant LeeAnne :D .

So she's already doing the 'nothing' quotes when you ask what she's done at school :rolleyes: .

Good girl E :) .

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That's exactly what Milo says about Nursery "I did nothing"

Me - so did you paint any pictures? "erm yes"

did you play on the bikes? "erm yes"

did you play with the water? "erm yes"

So you did do something then ;) :lol:

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There is a special beam attatched to the exit door of every educational establishment... as the children leave, it programmes them to respond, "Nothing" to any question along the lines of ,"What did you do today?"

Glad to hear school is still going well. :)

(We've got the Little Lord's parent's evenings tonight - eek.)

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Glad mini is doing so well.

All kids use the 'nothing' thing. I means they dont have to think to much ! LOL

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