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8 Days Left

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Oh joy, only 8 days left at work :p Not that I'm counting the days, hours, mins etc :o Looks like we will be moving down south in 2 weeks time, it's a strange experience to be leaving the area I have lived in all my life but I'm ready to experience a different area and all it has to offer (being very positive katie :o ) I'm really looking forward to finishing work and concentrating on little fella, then MiniLoo when he/she arrives. I've realise recently that I have missed so much of his growning up and want to make sure that I don't miss any more :lol: On the down side, my kidney is now really complaining but I'm seeing the consultant on Friday so he will be able to tell me what the score is :o

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Only 8 days at work :o goodness, thats gone by really quickly!

Also moving in two weeks :o :o I know what its like to move away from the area you grew up in, so will be thinking of you as you start a new life down South (((hugs)))

it will be nice for you to spend some time with the little Fella before MiniLoo arrives :)

Hope your pesky kidney behaves itself - not long to go now, I hope its not causing you too much discomfort.

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Good luck Katie :D

Who knows, maybe your kidney will like the southern climate better, and start behaving itself....

Bet you can't wait to stop work for a bit....give you a chance to pamper yourself a bit more, adn spend lots of time with Junior Loo.... :D

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