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I had some sad news today. My Great Uncle passed away this morning.I guess it was to be expected as he had been ill for 5 weeks. He collasped at his home, and it turned out is auorta had burst. He was rushed to his local hospital, then taken by ambulance to St Thomas' where he had heart surgery. They fixed it the best they could and he spent 4 weeks in ITU. He was moved back to his local hospital last week. Its still a shock when the phone call comes to tell you and my Grandad has taken the news badly.Rest in Peace Uncle Dave (a.k.a Big Dave) xx

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sorry to hear of your loss - i've suffered a close family loss recently and know how difficult it can be.

be strong :)

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Sorry to hear your news :(

Try to remember good times you had with him and smile :)

Big hugs


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Thank you to everyone who has replied to my blog and/or sent me a PM. Your thoughts and kind words have been much appreciated.

The funeral is this friday at 3.15pm. I had, over the weekend considered not going, as I hate funerals, and the thought of it feels me with dread. But I've given it some thought, and, as much as I hate them, its not only a ceremony to mark the end of someones life, its also an occasion to remember them too :)

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